Top 5 Accessory Trends in Winter 2014

A Highlight On Five Interesting Accessory Trends For Autumn 2014

It is a beautiful accessory that completes the outfit of an individual. To make a fashion statement, it is necessary that you choose the right piece of accessory. Latest trends in 2014 reveal that co-ordinate apparel and accessories are in vogue. This blog highlights five latest accessory trends that should be a part of your wardrobe.

1. Retro Look

This season you will find both men and women donning hats. They are the chic thing this season. For the retro or boho look pair your outfit with the Amish hat. Whether it is your flared trousers or loose blouses, these hats will help you to stand out. Men are wearing wide brim hats with tailored suits for the 30s look.

2. Teem it up with sophisticated bags

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Pair your outfit with the Gladstone bag or the doctor’s bag. This bag was usually carried by doctors and electricians in the 19th Today it is an important fashion accessory. Choose across the bright colors the bags come in. It is the sophisticated and elegant look of the bag which has caught the attention of the fashionistas. Leading brands have designed over-sized versions of the bag. Very soon, these smart bags will be one of the choicest possessions of the style conscious women. Today you will find these bags in floral motifs as well.

3. Scarves and sunglasses

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To perk up your outfit, you can throw in one of the fashionable scarves. The pastel colored snoods add a touch of elegance. Keeping you warm, and comfortable these scarves add a dash of color and style. You can wear them as head wear or carry them around the neck. Women can combine their evening dresses with one of these scarves and look gorgeous for the party. Most of these scarves are either knitted or made of fur. In addition to these accessories, a stylish sunglass is definitely in vogue. For a playful look, you can opt for the cat-eye sunglasses which come in various colors. With new patterns, designs and hues you will be spoilt for choices.

4. Floral gears

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The latest accessory trends are very interesting to note. Floral shaped large necklaces are a part of the fashion scene today. Not only in apparels, but in accessories as well the floral patterns are dominant. Headgears with flowers are gaining popularity. Whether it is delicate flowers or large blossoming ones, head gear with flowers can create an enchanting look. Girls who love nature are opting for fresh flowers. As you adorn yourself with a crown add a regal look to your outfit.

5. Animal Motifs

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Earrings those women slip on today are brightly colored and large. Most of these earrings come with thorough detailing. Snakeskin belts may be in vogue today, but they are timeless. Animal motifs always perk up the look. The skinny belts with these motifs gather around the waist defining a slim look. Your wardrobe will remain incomplete without the gladiator shoes. Pair a stylish outfit with these shoes and look absolutely stunning. After dressing to your heart’s content, one accessory, you cannot do without, is the bag. Bags with a bracelet or wristlet have been designed keeping in mind the style quotient of the fashionistas.


Add these accessories to your collection and make heads turn wherever you go. Follow these trends and be in tune with the changing fashion scene.


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