Sweden Overview

A land of cultural contrasts, Sweden is a crisp and a calm Scandinavian country in Europe.  Sweden is the nation which presents a myriad of surprises for its visitors and natives alike. It has elegant, sophisticated cities, coastal island archipelagos; picture perfect medieval villages, tranquil lakes, dense forests, lush plains, rolling hills and the most stunning surprise are the icy tundra of northern Lapland. Sweden is known for snowbound winters, midnight sun, meatballs, Vikings and Volvos, Hives. Sweden is a multifaceted country. Sweden has cultural diversity, from the Danish influence of the southwest to the nomadic Laplanders to the Arctic north. Besides the chic, vibrant, modern cities, Sweden also has the quieter countryside which can charm anyone in search of tranquillity. There is gentler charm in the Sweden’s scenery which captivates the onlooker deeply. Sweden’s terrain is greatly covered by thousands of lakes, especially between Gothenburg and Stockholm, the Swedish capital.


Officially known as the Kingdom of Sweden, Sweden is a country which lies on the Scandinavian Peninsula in the Northern Europe. Also, it is the fourth largest country in Europe. Norway is its neighbor to the west which shares land borders. To the northeast, it is flanked by Finland and by Öresund Bridge, it is connected to Denmark.  With Stockholm as its capital and the largest city, Sweden is the member of the European Union. Malmö and Gothenburg are its other big and important cities. With low population density, most of its population lives in urban areas. Sweden has a long history and observing peace and neutrality most of the times.

Sweden has much to offer to its visitors in terms of culture, heritage, cuisines, architecture, natural wonders, flora and fauna and much more.  Though for natives of Sweden, lake resort of Östersund is the most popularbut travelers to Sweden like to visit Swedish cities and Baltic Islands first. The most prominent among the various islands is the Gotland; this is the largest island withlarge collection of ruined medieval churches. Another popular attraction is the kingdom of Crystal; this is the forested region between Stockholm and Malmö with an array of fine Glassworks.

Stockholm is the archipelago of 14 islands on the coasts of the Baltic Sea.  This is a vibrant, high-tech city with a small town charm. This is the cultural capital of the nation with throbbing nightclubs, chic pubs, gourmet restaurants, museums and center of performing arts. Stockholm’s island offers some of the best coastal beauty all over the Europe.

Seafood lovers can’t resist the visit to the West coast and its fishing villages. History buffs surely get flattered by the charm of ancient Viking city Uppsala which is home to many old structures including the newest one, constructed in the 18th century. The south-western Bohuslän province is a major archeological center with many relics telling about Swedish civilization.

You can enjoy many activities such as water skiing, windsurfing, cycling, cruising, skating, tobogganing, snowmobiling, ice climbing, dog sledding and others in the Sweden.

This vacation, pack your bags and explore this beautiful country.

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