Spain, a land of natural and cultural vistas

spainSpain, a land of natural and cultural vistas which people with wanderlust love to explore, is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. Most of the people perceive Spain as a destination for great beach holidaysbut they will be surprised to know that Spain is more than just beaches. Besides Sun-drenched beaches, terrain of Spain is adorned with lofty snow-capped mountains, lush meadows, huge marsh and saline and deserts. Cultural insights of Spain are not limited to bullfights and flamenco dancers only, there is a huge extravaganza waiting to be seen. Long history of Spain has left its imprints in the form of prehistoric cave paintings, collapsing castles, Moorish palaces, Gothic and Renaissance cathedrals, Moroccan style architecture, Roman ruins.

Then Spain is not all about history, it also unleashes the thrilling nightlife, modern architecture, fast paced life in its metros and distinctive cultural regions. Spain is originally comprised of separate kingdoms which have their individual sets of language, art, culture and cuisine. Spain is the nation of festivities with most of the festivals concentrated between Semana Santa and October.

A country located in the Southwestern Europe on Iberian Peninsula, Spain is actually the Kingdom of Spain. Spain is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea and Gibraltar to the south and east, by France, Andorra, the Bay of Biscay to the north and the Atlantic Ocean and Portugal to the west. Spain has been influenced by external forces and has influenced many other regions since prehistoric times because of its strategic location. This fact has produced a nation with a dramatic history and great cultural diversity. At present, Spain is a developed, democratic nation with eighth largest economy in the world. Climate of Spain is as diverse as its terrain. To counteract the heat of the south in summers, move to the north. In some parts of Spain, the weather is quite pleasant all round the year. Beaches and mountains are the perfect retreat to beat the heat of summers.

Though regions may differ culturally and geographically but they are one when it comes to the national passion for drama, soccer, exotic cuisines and other self indulgent things. Spaniards are hedonistic who love to eat, drink, make merry.

The vibrant capital of Spain, Madrid is a great place to be for its equally great food, amusing museums, exciting nightlife and more.  Barcelona,another great city of Spain, is known for its vibrant cultural life, stunning modernist buildings, trendy nightclubs and crowded beaches.  Known for celebrating carnival Cadiz is the oldest city of Western Europe. Visit former industrial city of Spain, Bilbao for the Guggenheim Museum. Córdoba is the home to The Grand Mosque (‘Mezquita’) which is one of the world’s finest buildings. Surrounded by snow capped mountains of Sierra Nevada, is the stunning city in the South. Spain is a nation which is a must in the itinerary of a globetrotter.


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