Scotland : the land of spectacular scenery

scotlandSpectacular scenery of Scotland beckons the tourists from all over the world.  Treasures of history and nature are stored in its small and compact territory. Scotland offers something for everyone; rich historical sites in cities like Edinburgh and Glasgow, rugged mountain scenery of Highlands & Northern Islands and near Outer Hebrides are cold, sparkling sea. For wildlife enthusiasts, there is a great variety of flora and fauna. If you are a gourmet, you will find many lip smacking delicacies, originated in Scotland.  Another attraction in Scotland is the hordes of fun activities like canoeing, golfing, fishing, caber-crossing and good humor. Major cities in the central Scotland are the most populous and center of economic activity.  Terrain of Scotland is quite impressive and diverse. Rugged peaks, meandering coastline with white sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, sheltered bay , stunning lochs which sparkle in remote glens such as Glen Affric near Inverness and Loch Trool in Galloway, extensive soft woodlands, lowland pastures, rolling hills and much more.

Scotland is the part of the United Kingdom and is one of the home nations of the UK.  To the south, England shares about 60 miles land borders.  Northern Ireland is its neighbor, separated by the North Channel or the Irish Sea.  Refreshing waters of North Sea touch Scotland to the East and North Atlantic Ocean to the north and West.

To the most visitors, Scotland is just Highlands and islands but it is more than that. A wealthy nation; standard of living is higher in Scotland than many other nations. Despite this, Scotland is also the home to worst slums of Europe in Central Glasgow. Natives of Scotland are known as Scot or Scottish. You must have heard of Scotch whisky, Scotch Beef, Scotch eggs and other things. Peerless malt whiskies of the Isles of Islay or Oban are world renowned.

Edinburgh is its capital and Glasgow is the largest city in the country. Both of these cities are the center of gorgeous structures from its turbulent history. One of the outstanding cities of the world, Edinburgh is the city where medieval Old Towns compete with the Georgian New Town. You can take an open-bus tour around all the sights of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle dominates the city skyline. Edinburgh festival is one of the largest art events of the art world with stage shows, musical concerts and dance performances.

Glasgow mesmerizes its visitors by the treasure of Victorian architecture in ancient castles, houses and other structures.  Hampden Park in Glasgow is the pilgrimage for the sports enthusiasts.

Scotland’s latest UNESCO Wold Heritage site at the Neolithic Heart of Orkney can be explored for prehistoric forts, burial mounds, stone circles and other relics. You can go for island hopping by ferry between Hebrides like Sky, Lewis and Harris, the Orkneys, Shetlands.

Walking, climbing, skiing in Aviemore in the Grampians, boating on Loch Lomomd, Loch Ness and Loch Katrine are some of the popular activities in Scotland. Cycling, whitewater rafting, golfing, a visit to whisky distilleries are other fun activities for the traveler to Scotland.

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