Russia: the mysteriously beautiful land

With its brutal and turbulent history, Russia has been a mystery land for most of us for many years. Due to the direction of political winds, it has been the friend or enemy ofwest for hundreds of years. However, its dark past can not undermine the beauty and attraction that Russia holds in it. Now, a fascinating and a must destination, Russia beckons all the people who see the world with a positive attitude. Russia, with its immense size, looms over the rest of the Europe. Russia can be said as the flip side of the Western Europe which is modern and popular. Though Russia attracts explorers who worship beauty and nature but it has its own bureaucratic way to deal with life. If you feel like looking only at the colored side of Europe, just stay in the EU but for a little more adventurous journey with unpredictable destinations, Russia is just perfect retreat in Eastern Europe. Russia amazes you with its rich history, colorful culture, heritage, startling architecture and natural treasures.

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Today’s Russia is developing at a fast pace and is a country with astounding diversity and vitality. Old cultures and traditions reawakened again with newfound strength. Russia is constantly trying to come out the dark shadow of communism and set its own democratic identity. Now, Russia is in full bloom.  Russia is a large country which extends much over Eurasia. It shares land borders with more than 12 nations in Europe and Asia. Arctic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, the Baltic Sea, the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea touch the coasts of Russia. The largest country in the world, Russia covers almost 1/8th of earth’s landmass. It is just 50 miles away from North America.  You will encounter as many as 11 time zones and a variety of environments and landforms. Russia has large reserves of energy.

Russia has World’s largest forests, lofty mountains, awe inspiring volcanoes and more.  Russia is home to many lakes with unfrozen fresh water and rivers teeming with exotic marine life. Russia has many fascinating and awesome cities like Moscow, Murmansk and St. Petersburg which is on the European side.  Comprising the heartland of Imperial Russia, these ancient cities are the center of tourist activity in Russia.

Regarding attractions in Russia, there is so much to see and so much to do in Russia that you feel like short of holidays.  Moscow is a great city with unlimited opportunities and sights. Go to Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre in Moscow. Do not miss a Banya (Russian steam bath).  Skiing is a popular sport in the Caucasus and Kamchatka. The Beaches on the Russian Riviera around Sochi on Black Sea are the best option for beach lovers who want to enjoy sea beauty. Altai region of Southern Siberia is stunningly beautiful; it has snowy peaks, rolling hills, pine forests, flowery valleys and more.  Climbing the volcanoes in Kamchatka is another adventurous activity in Russia. Have an aerial visit over the valley of geysers which is the most spectacular marvel of Russia.

Besides being fascinating, Russia travel is challenging too though tourist facilities get better every year. As much as Russia is a destination, it is also an experience.

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