Portugal fascinates with its old world charm

portugalPortugal often allures visitors to its old world charm of medieval times. The country looks like a picture postcard with its medieval castles, scenic villages along the rugged coastline, charming hillsides. Besides its intriguing history, Portugal offers breathtaking vistas and lots of fun activities to do on your visit to this charming nation. You will love to laze on sun-kissed beaches, dramatic cliffs, hidden coves, sandy islands with dune-covered beaches of Portugal. Portugal remains to be the most charming and most pristine land which is a wonderful blend of traditional villages and thrilling cities; all of them are marked with treasures from history and world heritage sites. Once a great seafaring nation, Portugal is just a land out of fairy tales with its natural and cultural wonders.

A nation on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is situated in the southwestern Europe. This Westernmost country on the mainland Europe is flanked by Spain to the east and north and by the Atlantic Ocean to the west.  Portugal has Mediterranean climate and is classified as the warmest nation in Europe. River Tagus splits mainland Portugal. In the interior on the northern side, the terrain is mountainous while the river valleys cover the plateau region. Rolling plains with drier and warmer climate dot the southern region, the Alentejo.

Lisbon, the vibrant capital of Portugal and Porto its neighbor to the north, are one of the most charming, pleasant and affordable destinations a nomad would definitely like to explore.  While in these cities, relish the magic of picture perfect neighborhoods, trams from yesteryears, rattling on the cobblestone streets, and fantastic architecture with an intriguing tile work, magnificent plazas, cool cafes, epicurean restaurants, exciting nightclubs and enticing beaches.  Medieval charm of smaller towns like Coimbra, Braga, Évora and Guimarães is really alluring. Evora, Batalha and Alcobaça are the home to well preserved architecture recognized as the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Not cities, it is not less charming to explore the picturesque villages of this nation with myriad features. Centuries-old vineyards, villages ensconced in the lap of rugged mountains and captivating coastlines, adored with the scenic backdrop. Rural customs and natural beauty of Minho valley or the spectacular gorge of the Douro and Lima valley are sure to win your imagination.

On the beaches, you have arrays of water activities to be enjoyed like hiking, windsurfing, surfing, and kayaking, horse-riding, diving, golfing, mountain biking and lazing at the sun-drenched shore. The Algarve coast is highly visited region for its highly developed coasts while other costs such as along the northern Costa Verde, except near Lisbon and Porto, are little bit isolated and untouched.  The most isolated are the remote beaches near southern Alentejo.

Portuguese culture is no less interesting than its geographical and historical wonders. Portuguese just love festivities, carnivals, music, dance and other things like tasting port wine or exotic fruits of the sea. Just do not miss the opportunity of listening to Portuguese Blue Fado and contemporary hip music.  Tourist facilities in the Portuguese cities like Lisbon, Porto and other beach areas are quite excellent and affordable, perhaps cheapest in the Europe.

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