Norway :The Land of Midnight Sun

norwayThe Land of Midnight Sun, Norway is bestowed with some of the uniquely beautiful features.  Heavenly snow-capped mountains, deep glacier carved and other natural wonders adore the terrain of Norway. The most stunning is the southwestern fjord land which draws the maximum tourists to Norway. Besides these fjords, there are also many other attractions on this sparsely populated land.  This is peace loving, tranquil land; people in search of calm beauty, will find this land most appropriate.

While in Norway, you will love it’s myriad of outdoor activities, remote wilderness, dreamy forests, fascinating fishing villages, charming medieval towns and one of the friendliest and warmest people on earth.  Another attraction of Norway is Arctic Circle with Midnight Sun and surreal Northern Lights.  You can enjoy all this natural beauty of the most enjoying bus trips, train rides and boat cruises in the world. Norway has long summer days which are just perfect for the most thrilling outdoor activities and enjoy nature to the fullest.

Kingdom of Norway is popularly known as the Norway. Norway lies on the western side of the Scandinavian Peninsula, extending from north tosouth end in Northern Europe.  To the east of Norway lies Sweden, Finland to the south and Russia to the east. And across the North Sea lies the United Kingdom and the Faroe islands. To the southernmost tip, across the Skagerrak Strait lies Denmark to its South. Norway has an extensive coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean, the Barent Sea and homes stunning fjords.

Norway also presents rich culture and heritage from the times of the Vikings. The Vikings were the traditional nomadic Sami people, natives of remote northern region. During the Viking age, Norway left a deep impact on the history. Europe was subjected to lots of raids   due to sleek Viking ships crossing the Atlantic. Norwegians were traditionally explorers and as a result there were Viking settlements in Scotland. Since World War II, Norway has achieved sound economic growth and is counted among the one of the wealthiest nations in the world.  Norwegians are famous for the art of storytelling. This is a popular tradition in Norway to tell story for long hours in winters around the fireside.

Cities of Norway are marvelous offering many charms to the visitors. Capital of Norway, Oslo holds the rank of prettiest city. Situated on the fjords, Bergen is the city of the historic port and gateway to the Fjordlands.  Within the Arctic Circle lies hilly and intriguing Tromsø which is the center of Northern Lights activity. Besides all other natural attractions, you will find great examples from history and heritage such as museums and unique architecture.  The most striking feature about all the cities is that they are low-key and people are down-to-earth; no air of arrogance. Other cities of prominence are Trondheim and Stavanger.

Europe’s largest glacier, Jostedalsbreen is in Norway.  You can indulge in numerous outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, skiing, rock-climbing, cycling, water surfing, swimming and other beach activities.  Norway can energize even the laziest soul with its invigorating beauty.


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