Five places that you should travel in 2015

Travelling across the world is a dream for millions of people, and all of us have wished to just drop everything and head for our dream destination. If you get a chance to travel in 2015, make sure that you make the most of it. The most popular destinations in the world are also the most crowded, and sadly, also the most commercialized. How about you visit a place that will take your breath away, and is still largely unexplored? Discover the 5 places you should visit before 2015 is over:

Ireland: The Irish may have voted nay to breaking away from the United Kingdoms, but when it comes to picking Ireland as your destination, you will always get a loud and firm Aye! The country is beautiful, and lives up to every praise you have ever heard about it. Even the cliches about the country are true, and you will love Ireland for it!

ireland, travel in 2015

Chennai, India: When Lonely Planet recommends a city as a must visit, you can be certain that they have very good reasons for it. Chennai lies close to the equator, has terrific beaches, and a host of ancient temples made in the Dravidian style that will blow your mind. Looking for a little glitz while you are traveling? Chennai is also the base for the second largest movie industry in India, and certainly one of the most extravagant and over the top one in the world.

chennai, travel in 2015

Tasmania, Australia: Breathe in what is officially the cleanest air anywhere in the world, have adventures on some of the most terrific hiking trails on this planet, and explore the majestic and virgin wilderness of this majestic island. If you ever make your way to Oceania, Tasmania is one place that you absolutely must make time for.

Tasmania, Australia

Oman: Do you love the Middle Eastern culture, and wish to experience it all first hand? Oman is the perfect way to do so. Safe and secure, the nation has received some notice from frequent travellers, but is still far from being run over by a horde of tourists. Take some time off in 2015, and head over to Oman and you will be blown away by this majestic country.

oman, travel in 2015

Turkey: A popular hotspot for tourists in 2014, 2015 will not be any different for this incredible country either. Walk through the grand bazaars and the street markets and shop to your heart’s content, or visit one of the many ancient cities that have been discovered and uncovered that will take you back centuries and show you a glimpse of a world long forgotten. Turkey will be one of the most popular destinations for tourists in 2015, and a visit here is worth every bit of time and resource that you put into it.


Once you have it, the wanderlust only grows, whether you deny it or feed it. The more places you visit, the more you want to travel. Make 2015, the year when you visit some of the most amazing places in this world. Make 2015, the year when you give in to your inner wanderer.

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