Europe: land of breathtaking natural beauty



Europe has always been the favorite tourist destination of millions of travelers every year. Europe is bestowed with breathtaking natural beauty.  Europe is home to a few intriguing and fun-filled places. Europe has a wide range of diverse locations and the most interesting part is most of the destinations are in close proximity. Interestingly, Europe is the only continent that lures largest number of tourists in the world. There are many countries in Europe which thrive on tourism only.

Lofty mountains, meandering rivers, vast expanses of green plains, sunny beaches and salubrious climate are the features which make the Europe so mesmerizing. It is not only natural beauty which Europe boasts off, it is a land of ancient history, rich culture, great historical sites, the most interesting museums and art objects.

The people of Europe live life in colorful and lively manner; festivals, celebrations and fairs are the major attractions of Europe. Christmas and New Year celebrations held in many cities of Europe are the grandest and this is the season which gives the major boost of tourism in Europe.


One of the smallest nations in Europe, Denmark gets a higher place on the tourism map. Its picturesque towns and villages, historical monuments and castles, rolling hills, shady forests and wide array of sandy beaches form the great attractions.

Rome, Italy

Known as the Eternal City, Rome is the cradle of modern western civilization. Rome is the major tourist attractions for thousand of years. It is home to the most magnificent historical ruins and museums. Also, it is the trendsetter of world fashion scene.



Switzerland’s Alpine landscape with its lofty mountains and lush green valleys has created a paradise on earth. Culture of Switzerland is a beautiful blend of French, German and Italian cultures.


Belgium is home to unique architectural wonders, jazzy nightlife, picturesque valley and coastline resorts. While in Belgium, do not miss its cuisine, beers, chocolates, Belgian waffles and Moule frites.


 Regarded as the most visited tourist destinations of the world, France deserves this title for its myriad attractions. Traditions and modernity co-exist here beautifully. Tourists love its majestic Chateaux, sunlit vineyards, golden beaches, chic boulevards, the ski slopes of the Alps, its cheese, croissants and lot more.


A land of cultural contrasts, urban Sweden is sophisticated and chic. It is best place for the people who love tranquility in natural beauty. Sweden is covered by thousands of lakes, green forests and Baltic islands. One must visit “Kingdom of Crystal”, forested region, known for its amazing and fine glasswork.


An island of Europe, Iceland has a unique landscape and equally amazing attractions. Iceland reflects a rainbow of colors because of its hot blue geysers, red sulphur, black lava, green valleys, waterfalls, rivers and coastline. There is more to experience here…

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