England is simply amazing!



England is reputed for being the one of the most popular tourist destinations all over the world.  Relics from its tumultuous history, modern day wonders and its scenic diversity have helped it to get this desired popularity among the globetrotters.  England has diverse attractions from Prehistoric Stone Age to 21st century attractions. Palaces, museums, castles, monuments, high-tech buildings, gardens, boulevards, open areas, glittering markets, operas, restaurants, gourmet food, amusement parks, nightclubs and the list go on  and on. England offers numerous opportunities to discover its cultural, natural and historical magic, scattered all over on land and in the air.

Origin of England goes back to start of civilization and England as a nation has been recognized for over 1000 years. England is the cosmopolitan nation with a rich cultural mix and great heritage. Not only that England is physically diverse but it has great wealth of its people who have contributed to make it an appealing land of many characters. These people are a mix of all; originals, invaders, migrants and settlers which share the history, customs and language of England.  England boasts of a deep-rooted many-faceted heritage.

England is the largest part of the United Kingdom, located on the northwestern coast of Europe. It occupies about 2/3 of the island of Great Britain. England is flanked by North Sea, CelticSea, Irish Sea, Bristol Channel, English Channel, Scotland and Wales.

England amazes its visitors with its diversity; with vibrant city life, it has tranquil landscapes, with traditional customs, it offers avant-garde culture. Besides numerous lovely beaches, rugged mountains adore its terrain.  Travelers get to experience an enormous contrast between cities and countryside of England. There is a great range of attractions for visitors, sights to see and tourist facilities available. You have lots to admire and enjoy in England; picture perfect Lake District, the lofty mountains of the Peak District, rugged coastlines with sunny beaches of Devon and Cornwell, ancient forest and more.


England is home to many fascinating cities, bubbling with activity and adventure. London, the largest urban region of Great Britain is the capital of England. London, the most captivating cities of England is a charmer by all means; it is ceaselessly bustling with lots of activities and opportunities.  London is a must in the globe trotter’s itinerary. It is an undoubtedly largest European city with over seven million people living here. This cosmopolitan city is the international center of art, fashion, finance and culture. Birmingham is the cultural, entertainment, sporting and media hub with finest shopping plazas. In the south of England is Bristol, known for a lively music scene, important historic structures and a lovely waterfront. Liverpool is the cultural capital of Europeans.  Another interesting and famed city of England is Manchester which likes London is the center of culture, entertainment, shopping and more.

Some of the most interesting landmarks of England are Hadrian Wall, some of the most enchanting national parks such as Lake DistrictNational Park, New ForestNational Park. England is also the international educational hub with the world famous universities like Oxford and Cambridge. Stonehenge and Avebury are the testimony to its ancient and elegant past for thousand of years.

England is simply amazing!


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