Cape Town: City of Incomparable Land Beauty



Cape Town, considered as one of the most beautiful cities of the world, undoubtedly, is the most beautiful city of the Africa. It is the land of incomparable beauty; it is a city perched between an ocean and a mountain with a national park at its centre. There are mountains which rise from the ocean, valleys which are divided by rocky peaks, white sandy beaches, dense forests, wheat lands, vineyards and appealing man-made beauty   in its Dutch and English architecture. This is not all; Cape Town has much more to offer which makes it the most visited city of Africa by all standards. The city has to offer tourist facilities of international standards.

Location and Climate:

The main city of Cape Town is situated the northern end of the Cape Peninsula. Cape Peninsula consists of rocky spine in the South-West of Africa, extending into the Atlantic Ocean. The city is the capital of South Africa and is also the capital of Western Cape Province.  It has its beautiful setting on the Table Bay at Southern end of Africa. It is blessed with a terrific location; Table Mountains as the backdrop of the city, Cape Town is settled on a 1000m high plateau.  Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head, are the straight cliffs which surround the city. It is blessed with a unique phenomenon, which is called “Table Cloth” in colloquial language; a narrow strip of clouds spreads over the mountains.  Cape Point is the extreme most point of The Cape Peninsula.  There are about 70 peaks within the city limits.

Cape Town is bestowed with four well defined seasons. It has a Mediterranean climate; you can visit Cape Town year around. Winters in Cape Town, from May to August are cutting cold, rainy and windy but with bright, sunny days in between. Temperatures in summers are mild and pleasant, with average maximum of 26 °C. Cool breezes from the Atlantic Ocean; keep the temperatures low in summers. Only few weeks of February and March can be uncomfortably hot.CapeTown Waterfront

Society and Culture:

Cape Town is the “Mother City” which is the oldest city of South Africa. It has a long, 300 years old cultural heritage. It is a popular tourist destination, manufacturing hub and a major port. It is the most romantic city of South Africa. This sophisticated city is the melting pot of French, Dutch, English, Indonesian and German cultures with the local Khoisan tribes and the Bantu tribes from the north.
 You can see the strong influence of early settlers in its Dutch and English architectures. Travelers to the city will certainly appreciate, this city’s love for fine art and jazz music. There are plenty of opportunities to witness many cultural events and activities.  People of this land are fun loving and sports enthusiasts.

Tourist Attractions in Cape Town:

Natural vistas, soothing climate and well developed modern infrastructure have made Cape Town, a highly popular and top most tourist destinations of Africa. It has the sheer beauty of mountain rising from an ocean.

Cape Town has got many unique natural features which attract tourists from all over the world all the year round. Table Mountain is the most astonishing natural wealth of Cape Town. It is the range of flat mountain peaks which divide the city in various areas like vineyards, garden, residential areas and many more. You can see the center of the city from the peak of the Mountain. Behind the City Bowl, which is the natural amphitheatre-shaped region of the city bordered by the Table Bay and Table Mountain on the back, is Table Mountain National Park. Tourists can easily reach the top of Table Mountains by taking the Table Mountain Cableway. Signal Hill is another peak from where you can have heart throbbing views of the City Bowl and Table Mountains. People, visiting Cape Town, never miss a visit to Cape Point which is the extreme point of the Cape Peninsula in Atlantic Ocean.

The beaches of Cape Town are great attractions; you can visit many beaches within a single day because of the unique geography of the city. Beaches on the Atlantic Coast are more developed but water there is very cold. Water at False Bay beaches is slightly warm. You should surely visit Boulders Beach to have a glimpse of colony of African Penguins.  Castle of Good Hope is another famous attraction of Cape Town.

Make a visit to the Two Oceans Aquarium, the largest in South Africa, to watch a large range of marine life, about 300. Take a ferry to Robbens Island, which is a world heritage site and a fantastic place to visit. You will surely appreciate the Old Dutch style buildings in Constantia.  For whale watching, go to Waterfront Adventures.

Cape Town is the hub of adventure activities; hiking, biking, surfing, sailing, diving and many mores. Sunbathing here on its beaches is an incomparable pleasure. You can taste some of the finest wines of the world in Stellenbosch, a place just near Cape Town.

Shopping in Cape Town:

The city is the shopper’s paradise; Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, referred as V & A by locals, is the most popular shopping area of Cape own. It is located on the docks of Port of Cape Town. Catering to a wide variety of imported and domestic goods, there is a mind boggling array of hundreds of shops. Do pick some diamonds for yourself, for which South Africa is famous for. Also buy African curios, gold jewelry, antiques, leather goods, ceramics and much more.  There is a good range of bars and eateries in V & A.


It has  a variety of means of transport; Metrorail is a convenient way to get around the city. Then there are minibus taxis, also available which can accommodate 10-12 people. You can have plenty of boating experience too in the city.  Private taxis can be hired and people, who love style, can hire  a limousine too.

The  Cape Town International Airport is the leading airport of Africa and tourism gateway to South Africa. It is the second largest airport in the country. It connects to almost all the major cities of the world; you can directly reach the city from any major international city. Customer services at this airport are of premium class.


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