Australia: Land of Contrasts



Land of contrasts – topographical, physical, visual, cultural and climates, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. Once being a land of hunters and gatherers, Australia has come long way and has developed into a complex culture. With only two people living per square kilometer, Australia also has the poorest population density in the world. With six states and two territories, Australia offers myriad of experiences for the travelers.

Australia allures travelers from all parts of the world for its great vistas of the Great Barrier Reef, coral islands, sand and surf at the best beaches of the world, tropical rainforests, and unlimited thrill in its cosmopolitan cities. Australia can boast of over 14 World Heritage sites, more than 2000 national parks and about 7000 beaches, Australia is one of the topmost tourist destinations on the list of globetrotters.

Almost all the cities in Australia have their own persona. The main cities of Australia are Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth; Canberra is also the capital city.


The capital city of New South Wales, Sydney is reputed as the most enchanting city of Australia. Home to the world famous building, the Sydney Opera House, Sydney offers many tourist attractions in the form of stunning beaches and charming buildings. Spend a day at beaches like Bondi beach that is located just a few kilometers from the city center and Manly beach, near the Sydney Harbor National Park. You can’t miss to enjoy the lights of the city that give a spectacular view at night.


Established in 1901, Canberra is the Australia’s federal capital. Located halfway between, Melbourne and Sydney, Canberra is surrounded by the number of hills like Mount Ainslie, Mount Pleasant, Black Mountain, and Red Hill which make a semi-circle. Home to many important buildings and institutions, Canberra attracts thousands of tourists every year.


The second largest city of Australia, Melbourne offers as much thrill as Sydney offers. Located near Yarra River, Melbourne is reputed as the Marvelous Melbourne due to its unique ambience. It has all to enchant every kind of tourist; the most cultural city of Australia, Canberra has captivating beaches, amazing buildings, thrilling nightlife and the most exciting sport environment. Host of many world sport events like Australian Tennis Open, the Australian Grand Prix and the Melbourne Cup, Melbourne is visited by thousands of international sport lovers annually.


Capital of South Australia, Adelaide is a small, elegant city, snuggled cozily between the Gulf of St Vincent and the Adelaide Hills. Known for its colonial architecture, food and wine, Melbourne offers very tranquil and laid back environs which a big city lacks. Surrounded by vineyards, gardens, parks, Melbourne is also known as the “City of Churches”, being home to many churches.  With perfect climate for water sports, Melbourne has more than 60 km of white sandy relaxed beaches.


Capital City of Western Australia and the fourth largest city of Australia, Perth was founded in 1829. Perth has rich natural resources of diamonds, gold, natural gas and oil. Perth is a metropolitan city with Christian, Buddhism and Islam as the main ethnic groups.  Located at Swan River, its metropolitan area has many important buildings and shopping areas.

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