7 best Travel Credit Cards in India

Travelling done with proper planning is a fun and fascinating event that offers utter relaxation to the travellers. It is one of the best ways to get a quick excuse from the busy and fast -moving life and find some quality time for yourself. Researchers have even claimed that travelling acts as a stress buster for many.

While planning your upcoming travelling, everyone looks for the best deals that can add more comfort to their pocket while making the expenses for the next travelling. Having a credit card has become a normal task for everyone.

Credit cards are often used for the payment of utility bills, monthly expenditure and many more. But do you know, there is a specific range of credit card that could be used to get exclusive deals and offers for your travelling. Isn’t it the coolest thing for a frequent traveller?

There are several credit cards that are solely dedicated for travelling purposes. Here we will discuss top 7 travel credit cards that have been categorized as the most acclaimed credit cards in India.


Amex Platinum Travel Card

  Travel Credit Cards

To begin with, we have Amex Platinum Travel card. It is one of the premium types of travel credit cards that is entirely dedicated to offering you the best deals with your travelling.

It has been one of the best choices when it comes to thinking about the available discounts and many more benefits related to your travelling.

There is around 8% of the reward rate that has been prefixed as a default feature, and it comes along with the release of the credit card to its owners.

Apart from these, there are many promotional vouchers that come along with this credit card. These vouchers could be redeemed, whenever required and can offer you great benefits.

It has been documented that this card is used with Indigo airlines, gives you extra privilege. Offers such as Amex Fuel cashback, travelling discounts with Make my trip are few of the exclusive benefits that come with this credit card.

Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card

 Travel Credit Cards

Another card that comes in the category of travel credit cards is Axis Bank Privilege Credit Card. It has exclusive and fascinating deals with the redemption of its reward points to the maximum.

If you are spending around 2.5 Lakhs with this card, expect to get back around Rs. 7,500 in terms of value back. This money could come either as reward point or travel vouchers from Yatra.

It is widely accepted at every corner of the country that makes it one of the must-have a credit card that can ease your travelling.

HDFC Diners Black Credit Card

 Travel Credit Cards

This travel focused credit card is offered by HDFC. There is a provision of having 10x reward points with the utilization of this credit card.

This means you get an opportunity to save around more than 33% in your expenses with the exclusive partners of your card.

It is one of the top categories of a credit card that gives you exclusive offers while enjoying the services of its partners.

This clearly means you are going to save around 33% of your bill for your next dining, hotel stay and flights expenses.

Citi Premier Miles Credit Card

This card is being offered by Citi Bank. It is also one of the reliable credit cards that could be used for your upcoming travel purpose. It has a fixed reward rate of around 1.8% that has been set as a default reward rate.

It also offers the complimentary visits to premier lounges without any need of having a priority pass. It offers easy and comfortable access to these lounges.

Jet Airways American Express Platinum Credit Card

As the name suggests, it is one of the top tier Jet Card that holds the maximum capability of earning JP Miles with your every spending.

Not only the JP miles comes as a privilege, but it also offers free access to all the premium lounges that have tied up with American Express, that too free of cost. It is a must have a credit card, if you are looking for a premium and luxury travel.

SBI Air India Signature Card

Travel Credit Cards

As there are many of the travel-oriented credit cards in the market, SBI has also entered the venture. It offers many of the privileges that announce big savings to your upcoming travel with great fun.

This premium card comes with many of the benefits to its users. Before opting for it, it is advised to have a detailed look over the benefits given to it.

 SBI IRCTC Credit Card

Travel Credit Cards

This card is specifically for those, who love to travel with Indian Railways. It offers major discounts over your next travel by train.

Having good connectivity of the railway throughout the country, you can use this card thoroughly. It offers major exclusive offers and deals with its use for every booking you made.


Hence, this is the top list of best 7 travel – friendly credit cards that are available in India. One of the most convenient ways to select the credit card for yourself is to analyze your spending nature, your requirements. It will help you to pick the best suitable credit card for you.

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