Did you think office romance is great? Take a look at the consequences


office romance

Romantic involvement can be fun at your workplace because maybe work can cause boredom frequently, and you are looking out for something that will cheer you up at the workplace. Yes, it may give you some kind of a relief emotionally as work is related to stress and you want to find something that will help you deal with it and the results are you might land in the arms of your colleague. So whether it is a male or a female, the consequences of having an office romance can be disastrous for your family, work, money, health and more.

Affects your work performance

Although you may think that you have got a new life that is fresh, full of energy and has rejuvenated you from the stale life earlier, you are definitely wrong. This is a stage where you get seconds of pleasure and hours of pain because, now or later, the rest of your colleagues are going to know about it and they are either going to be jealous about or play spoilsport about it or they might pose problems for you without any reason. Of course, the matter will definitely reach your supervisor or the boss, which definitely will be not encouraged.

Gradually, people in your office may start ignoring you or laughing at you or make things difficult for you. Many times the boss does not approve it as he thinks about the reputation of the company and does not want the company to involve in any scandal. You might get fired because of it as you do not complete your work, and the both of you are often on leave, or the boss does not like romance in the office.

Your family life

Sometime or the other your wife is definitely going to know about this and of course, from this end, things will not be easy. May be you have a blissful married life and still you have made a mistake. Then this will affect your wife more, and if there are kids, they will suffer psychologically. If you are towards an emotional affair, you may want to leave your wife and children, which again is not a good idea because there are kids involved. You have a home, and you are ready to break it and destroy more than one life. It does take an emotional turmoil over yours too because suddenly you are coming out of your comfort zone.

Emotional breakout

There is more to lose than gain when you are married and have children. Even so, your office is not going to accept it and might spread the word among your social circles too. This is definitely not the place you wished the news to reach as now many will definitely sympathize with your spouse and begin to big talk about it.

Stress is everywhere, and that takes a toll on the health aspect too. All this affects your sleep, your eating pattern, and your happiness. The peace you had earlier is lost and with it, your financial status because it is not just your family you are spending for, but, also on your affair.






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