If you have a fussy boss, life is not easy…..

fussy boss

The way a change of weather affects your health, so does the work atmosphere affect the psychological well-being of a person. Various researchers have confirmed the fact that even the workplace has to be healthy so that you stay happy in there and also make others working with you happy as well. But the question here is: how is that possible if you have a bad boss?

Working under a fussy boss

A fussy boss can affect your work performance, your health, your family life and also your social life too. This is the place where you spend most of your time, where you involve yourself physically and psychologically as well. Your work will reflect whether you are dedicated to your work and if you are not interested in your work. There are many things that might be affecting your work, and one of them is your fussy boss.

A fussy boss or a lousy boss can be a pain and many times people simply resign and go home. But, there are many who simply cannot do that and face the boss and deal with him every day. A bad boss can seriously affect the work and the overall happiness. It is not so bad when you have low pay or even poor workplace or low incentives, but when you have a bad boss things become really difficult and you react in an undesirable manner.

How does it affect you?

A bad boss means he will certainly not let you work in peace. This is where you will start to begin losing your patience. Slowly, this will definitely build up stress as your boss is definitely not satisfied with your work because his behavior towards you is affecting the way you perform in the office. No recognition for achievements and no praising for the good job done will definitely not make you happy. Poor treatment from the boss can lead to low morale and when nothing seems to please the boss, you will definitely find low energy levels and enthusiasm in your job.

Your family life

Naturally, when you get a bad day at office with your boss, you are definitely going to go home with that stress. Your wife or your kids are certainly not expecting something like this when you do not react to anything at home and are not your normal self. This will affect your home atmosphere and affect the psychology of your kids.

Your health

You get often stressed and may be even depressed and irritable. You definitely lose confidence and are not sure of yourself if your boss keeps nagging all the time. The strain will affect your state of mind, and you will always find yourself in a gloomy mood. All this will take its toll on your physical health, and that can be seen in the way you eat and sleep. The once laughing and enjoying a person is lost, and you start feeling fatigue, muscle aches, headache, sleeping difficulty and gastrointestinal problems.






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