What should you gift your loved one this Valentine’s day?


You are just a few days away from Valentine’s Day. It’s your chance to make it special because who knows whether you will be in a relationship next year.Take this opportunity to do something extra ordinary and stupendous. Apart from taking your better half to a great romantic location, the gift you give him or her plays a very important role in making this day special.

Ideas for great Valentine’s Day gifts

There are many innovative ideas for gifts that can be used to impress your better half on the 14th of February. You just need some commitment towards it and also have to think wisely before narrowing down your choices and making a final decision. Some innovative gift ideas have been briefly explained below;

  • An art of “love” with the help of a rope

You can very well express your love to your loved one by using a rope as a sweet sentiment. In order to make this work, you will have to take a thick natural fibre rope and douse it and mix it in a cup of warm water. You will also need a cup of flour, corn-starch, crafts glue and a table spoon of salt. You just have to shape the rope in the form of a meaningful word and also a frame that can surround the word. You can make the frame in the shape of a heart since it is Valentine’s Day.

  • A handmade board for memories

In order to make this, you will just have to cut a decorative paper and fit it inside a sheet of cookie and then glue it to a pan. After this you can add all your photos of your past and the important days you spent together. This can be a very special gift because there is no relationship without memories.

  • A basket with all romantic movies

If you feel that your relationship is similar to some romantic movies, this idea will not be a bad one. You can fill up a good looking basket with all the romantic movies you like watching again and again. At the end of the day, both of you can spend some time watching a movie from the basket. This can help you in summing up a very productive and meaningful day.

  •  A gift that is framed by a love quote

Just make a simple frame and insert a love quote on the top of it.Also include a few hearts and the quote must be in red. There are many quotes on love available on the internet and in many books. Make use of them.

  •  A truffle of triple chocolates

If you have a girlfriend, then there is nothing better than gifting a chocolate to her. Well not just a chocolate, you can do something special by gifting chocolates by dividing them into three layers. All these three layers must contain three of her best chocolates. You can also include some chocolate cupcakes in your gift. These cupcakes can be used as a side gift along with your chocolates.


The innovative ideas given above have been written after a wide research. It must be noted that these Valentine’s Day gifts ideas are very easy to execute and can be done in a very short span of time. You will not have to spend a lot of money either. Apart from these advantages another added benefit is that these types of gifts have the ability to touch your loved one’s heart with a great positive impact.

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