Finding it difficult to propose? Get on your knees to propose



Thinking of proposing? Well, seems like you are serious about this one. Well, good for you, things are looking brighter and in the course of time you will definitely be the happy one on the altar. Love is the most important factor here and if you are sure of it, then simply go ahead and commit yourself. Why not, marriage is a beautiful thing and being in love is one of the most beautiful gifts that man has been given.

Knowing you are in love

You are in love with this person and want to settle down right? But nervous about what the other person thinks of you and the idea of settling down. Well, you are not alone to think this way. It happens and nervousness is just natural – it’s part of being in love.

If you want to propose you have to know certain things about the other person. The first few things you have to be sure of being about the other person – if he/she likes to spend time with you, if she is interested in what you want to say, your future plans, your career, feelings, etc.

Well to a certain point you do understand if the other person too has some feelings for you. If all this is positive, then you know that the person is interested in you and loves your company.

May be both of you are in love already and have not discussed anything about commitment or marriage. That’s fine. If you want to go ahead and want to talk about marriage, you can do so. But, wait… take some things into consideration.

Getting down on your knees

Well, you are going to spend the rest of your life with the person you love. You have to prepare for that day and those words that will be spoken and which can change your life forever. So you know you love her, which means you know some things about her likes and dislikes. That would be perfect! If she loves dinner, then think of something that will be done over dinner. If she is a private person and does not want people to be involved, then do it privately.

May be you need a speech

Before you speak those important words, you may have to tell her how much she means to you, and how much you would like to spend the life with her. Love is important for a woman so always remembers that she has to know that you love her the most. Be honest, show commitment and you get a positive answer. Convey your love of small little things, it does not have to be expensive dinner or vacations! Love can be felt and experienced if it is true.


The right time is when you are. Go down on your knees or simply present her the wedding ring. Both can work well. Speak with honesty, love and from your heart with conviction. You will have the love of your life!

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