How to Help your Shy Kid?

We often see that different kids have different nature and behaviors. Each child, coming to this world, comes with a different set of characteristics. Some kids find it easy to mingle with others while others do not. It is a great challenge on the part of parents to identify the real characteristics and talents of their child and accept them as they are. In addition, it is the responsibility of the parents to help their child to overcome any negative feeling he or she has in the mind. If you have a shy kid, accept this fact happily and always assure him of your love.

Shy Kid
Some kids find it easy to mingle with others while others do not.

Prepare your Child with Appropriate Information

There are some situations where your child becomes anxious. Do not force your child to face those situations unnecessarily in an unprepared manner. Talk to him, using proper words, to soothe any anxiety in him regarding the situation. For instance, if he is going to recite a poem on stage in the school but he is nervous. You can start with words like, “ Learn your poem properly, and when you go there, concentrate on your poem only. Do not pay attention to those sitting in front of you. If you forget some lines, do not stop, just move on to the other lines that you remember.” This way, your kid will feel reassured of his behavior because you told him to do so. Help him rehearse his lines so that he feels confident.

Spend Fun Moments with your Child

Spend some quality time having fun with your child before he goes into a situation where he feels shy. Do whatever he enjoys doing. Play anything he loves. It may be a pillow fight or messy water play or a balloon play. It will result in your child getting reassured of your presence and will feel more connected with you. In addition, these kinds of playtime will boost his confidence to some extent. He will be able to face the coming situation in a more confident way.

Laughter is the Best Way to Tackle Fears

Your role here is to let him feel more confident and overcome his fears. In the special time with your child, play games where you pretend to be less powerful. Let the child do whatever he wants to do. For instance, you deliberately fall and ask your child to pick you up. It will create a laughing situation for both of you. Laugh will wash away the child’s fear.

What I shared above are just a few tips to help your child overcome his shyness. It is you as a parent that he looks forward to for every kind of acceptance and appreciation. Your love will actually encourage him to move past over these issues as he grows up.

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