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your dreams

What is your dream? This is the most common question that is asked to every kid. Most of the time, the kid answers differently. However, the growing years do affect him, and he starts dreaming about something that is above his capabilities. This is where dreams start to take shape and then they are followed to be achieved. Dreams are always far away, and one has to chase it and hold it. They are always close to the heart and simply bring up smile on the dreamer’s face.


Are you going to chase your dream?

Is the dream going to be a dream or are you going to fulfill it? If so then you have to begin somewhere and start taking steps even if they are small. Yes, you are scared of it and of the consequences and the hardships that you will go through. But, then no dream is going to be fulfilled if you sleep at home. You have to struggle, and you will love it all the way through. You will face failures, but that will only boost you. You will have to fight as that will give you the confidence needed to achieve your dream. Begin by taking smaller steps and believe in yourself which is most important.

Give it a shape

Chalk a plan so that you know how you are going to achieve it. There will be times when you feel like giving up, but if you want it badly you will definitely get up and start all again. So whatever it is, you want to achieve now, you have to bring it on paper or involve other people in it. If you believe in it, others will too believe. Talk about it to people surrounding you and do not keep it to yourself. May be they might laugh at you, but you know you can do it and that is what will make them shut-up. So when you tell others, it spurs you on actually chasing it.

Build your dream

You are now facing the hurdles in achieving your dreams, and that is the hardest part. Dreamers will definitely think of quitting at some point, but then what is a dream if it is achieved within a short span! Fight for it and face the challenges thrown in your way. There is no easy way out. Go slow and do not rush into things as this will decrease your mistakes, even if you are not anywhere near your dream. Take your own time, but do not give up there will be opportunities in plenty if you move forwards and have the will power. Stay on to your dreams, even when you have failed many attempts, and that is possible on if your dreams do not allow you to sleep or take a rest until you have achieved it. So focus on your goal and take it with a smile.

Enjoy your dream

The road to success is never easy, but with planning and action nothing becomes impossible. Remember dreams will only be achieved if you enjoy what you are doing and want to experience the joy when you have achieved.




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