How to choose newborn baby toys?

Newborn baby toys
Newborn baby toys

A newborn baby is yet to work with her senses. The world around a newborn offers a completely strange environment and she tries to explore it in her own way. During the very first months of her life, she explores the life around her by looking and listening. She has a fuzzy vision and can see things that are just at a distance of 8 to 14 inches from her. Newborn babies enjoy watching large pictures, bright colors and high-contrast patterns. Furthermore, she appreciates soft music and other rhythmic sounds and that is why toys with a little soft music attract her more than the silent ones. Let us see what kind of newborn toy you can buy for your kids.

 A beautiful wind chime that keeps dangling over the baby’s cot is an excellent newborn toy. Babies love its soft music and soft movements. Though you can hang a wind chime anywhere in the room where baby can see and enjoy, it is better to hang it over her cot since she can fall in sleep easily once she watches it for a few minutes. You can hold her up also occasionally to feel and sound the chimes herself.

A baby feels happy if you bring anything interesting in her line of vision near her. For that reason, handheld toys are an excellent choice for newborns.  She cannot hold and play with these toys because her muscles are not strong yet to hold anything. However, she will battle to hold the ones, which she likes.

There are several soft books available in the markets that are designed for newborn babies. These books have easy-to-see patterns and bright colors. She would love watching you turning the pages of the books and read them aloud to her. Other good toys can be sensory toys that squeak  or tweet when pressed, music player, cot  mobile, rattles and anklets, among others.

 However, while buying newborn toys for your little angel, take care of certain important aspects.  The very first thing, your baby is not yet able to use her senses well, cannot hold things, or cannot even sit. While buying toys for her, take care of all these things.

 Rattles and Teethers are the most popular newborn toys. Since babies have a tendency to chew anything they lay their hands on; they explore new thing through their mouth. However, when not in use, keep the teethers in refrigerator to soothe the babies’ gums. Toys that make noise or move help enhance the development in the babies. When the baby accidentally presses the toy, she understands that the act of squeezing makes sound and it becomes a game for her.

You can   buy nesting cups that can be stacked in different colors and sizes. These toys help enhance the color and size recognition abilities in the babies. In addition, they also improve the hand-eye coordination of the baby.

These newborn toys not only entertain baby, but also they help them explore the world around them.

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