Getting Just A Smartphone Isn’t Very Smart Anymore, Getting The Best One Is


A smartphone is a phone which understands and evolves to meet every growing need especially technical and informative, of the user. The user also gets the freedom of expression through the smartphones. Many cell phone manufacturers have given their best effort to make better varieties of smartphones over the years. Samsung S6 is one such upcoming smartphone with improvised features in fields of storage, operating system, audio and visual capabilities, processor, speed, appearance, etc. there are several phone brands in the present market which claim to be the market leaders like Nokia, Micromax, iPhone, HTC, and Sony. The following comparison may help users to go for a better product.





HTC M8  versus Samsung S6

HTC M8 recently released smartphone belonging to the elite smartphone brand HTC has started creating news soon after its release. It has a duo camera with much better display having 4.7 inch screen. The boom-sound facility, unibody chassis and coprocessor features have made M8 quite a desired smartphone. Now let’s have a look at the challenger the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 which has a primary camera of 20MP with autofocus and LED facility. It also has a secondary camera of 4-5MP. It is expected to have a Snapdragon 810 processor. A metallic body with super screen gorilla glass marks the metro look.


Xperia Z2 or Samsung S6

The highlighting features of Xperia z2 is primarily its display having a live colored LED, increased color depth and gradation. It is marked with the 5.2 HD TRILUMINOS display. It equipped with a 4K video capture facility camera. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor which makes it 75% faster than S4. The Samsung S6, on the other hand, is predicted to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor which is going to deliver a speed faster than Xperia z2, quite similar to that of iPhone latest versions. As for visual media it is going to have 20MP camera with 4K video facility. 2560*1600 will be the resolution. It is going to have a 5.3’ screen and super AMOLED display with Gorilla glass, quite impressive for future smartphones.

xperia z2

The gift of the Apple and Samsung Boon

The upcoming iPhone 6 is the future of the iPhone genre. It is expected to have a 5.5’ inch screen and the OS being IOS 8. The screen display of the Apple smartphone is expected to be 2272*1270 in resolution. The screen has a quantum dot, curved or sapphire style gorilla glass. The battery power is expected to be between 1700-2000 mAh. A8 20 nanometer chipset will be the key processor. All these features can mark the birth of an ultra tech smartphone. It is again picked up by the Samsung cousin S6 with 2560*1600 in resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, and super screen Gorilla Glass which is AMOLED. The battery is expected to have 4000mAh power. It is supposed to use android Milkshake version operating system.

An aid to take right decision

After an overall comparison among the beast features of the premium smartphones, it can be concluded that in terms of specifications Samsung S6 is way above M8 and Z2. Smartphones as Canvas Doodle and X do not make up to the levels of Z2 and M8, therefore aren’t any match for S6 in terms of specifications. However, the point should be kept in mind that S6 is a premium next gen smartphone meant for high and medium end users having a price range of Rs 45,000- Rs 55,000. It is an even match with iPhone 6 as well in some features. It will be a dessert for tech savvy eyes indeed.

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