Decorative water fountains- Different Options

Decorative water fountains have become a hot favorite among the people fond of home decor and style. However, home decor industry has stretched too far, and it becomes overwhelming to find the right product of your choice if you do not have any information about the options available. This article provides you the information about the of indoor water features. When you go to the market, you can enjoy informed shopping to give your home its perfect style.

There are several styles and designs of decorative water fountains to choose from. Basically, there are three main categories in which you can classify these water fountains. These categories include wall mounted fountains, floor fountains and tabletop fountains.  In each category, you can find different styles and designs. However, before you choose anything, it is important that you decide where you want to place this fountain.  Another factor is the cost; for floor and wall fountains are larger and more elaborate than the tabletop fountains, they are more expensive.

Decorative water fountains

 Wall mounted Fountains: Bring walls to life

As the name suggests, these fountains are mounted on walls and are often rectangular in shape. They are available in both types; horizontal and vertical. These are available in different sizes and are easy to install as they come along with easy-to-install brackets. However, if you choose a wall fountain with heavy stones and elaborate indoor water features, it may be difficult to install them on your own. In that case, it is the best option to hire a handyman to do the job for you. In these types of fountains, you will find a top and bottom panel made of metals like copper or stainless steel.  The bottom panel that holds the water also has a pump that helps in water circulation and then water gets collected in the same bottom panel. The surface where water gathers is usually made up of marble, faux slate, slate or glass.

Floor Fountains: Create a focal point

Floor fountains can be as big as you want. However, indoor water features are usually designed and sized keeping in mind the location.  You can choose from different shapes, styles and designs of floor fountains. They can be easily installed on the floor. The most uninteresting placement locations for these fountains can be patios, decks, hallways, entryways and lobbies. You can get them sized and designed according to your requirements because they can be easily customized.

Tabletop Fountains: Interesting indoor decor

Tabletop fountains make very interesting home decor items as they are smaller in size but attractive in looks and style. They can be placed anywhere such as a coffee table, end table, desk, or counter top. They require no assembly as they are already assembled. To enjoy them, just add water to them and plug them. With beautiful indoor water features, these fountains can make even a bare room lively by its attractive designs and soft water sounds. Besides adding a perfect touch to your interior designing they add to the tranquility in your house. Available in different materials like slate, stone, ceramic, resin and others, you can choose one according to the theme of your house.
Before you finally purchase decorative water fountains, conduct your own research to avoid disappointment later. The internet offers the best way to search as most providers offer their services online.


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