Revamping Your Home – A No-FUSS Guide

Every day we see new decorative ideas with celebrity homes and how to renovate the whole house but the truth is it’s not easy to renovate the whole house in every season. However, it is everyone’s dream to refresh the décor slightly, so you don’t have to spend a fortune but the trick is to play with the color. Let us try out different economical but impressive option for revamping your home; it will be a lot of fun as well.



Living room that pops up with different colors

For pocket-friendly renovation, try out mixing your old stuff with a little new one, believe us it gives a lot of new look to the décor. Balance heavier furniture with the lighter ones to keep the place open. It is not necessary to match all the furniture pieces, try out mixing two pieces of different eras with same shape or same furnishing so that a connection will be built up. To liven things up— provide a nice coffee table or side tables. There’s no doubt that nice curtains will add a glamor to the room, only changing the curtains will also change the entire look of the room.

Tip: play around with different textures and colors of the furnishings.


The ultimate destination after a long day is Bedroom

After a long day, this is the place which gives you relaxation and energy for the next day. Remodeling of a bedroom should not cost you a lot, but still, don’t forget to plan a budget. The key is to balance the personal touch with a dash of design and functionality. To begin with, try to change the curtains or add a small relaxed sofa in a corner. You Can color a wall with a different shade to create an illusion of open space. Also, opt for good storage solution like folding beds or bookshelves.

Tip: Create a tranquil zone of woven linens and light shade in the bedroom for a calm effect.


Kitchen: No more the so-called boring corner

This place is more than just for cooking and eating nowadays. With cutting-edge technology, we have latest pieces of equipment in the kitchen to help us cook faster and healthier. For a quick and inexpensive revamp, consider a mix of hidden and open storage/clean shelving design for your kitchen. Add a dash of color with accessories like serving dishes and saucepans. Add few candles, nicely shaped pickle bottles.

Tip: Add classic materials with the latest amenities to create a magic but high on functionality.

This season try out these simple tricks for revamping your home and extend it to the entire house or keep it in a single room

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