Know What To Eat During Navratri fasting

 eat during navratri fasting

The festivity of Navratri 2017 has begun all around the country starting from today and will last until the 29th of September 2017. Many people believe that during this festival, goddess Durga visits our home in her nine avatars. In this nine-day long festival, people fast, perform daily pujas and participate in events. The festival comes in every autumn season and also commemorates the victory of Lord Rama over killing Ravana.

What to eat during Navratri Fasting

People fast on these nine days by not eating daily food items like rice, Indian bread, grains, regular salt, and non-vegetarian food. The consumption of alcohol is also strictly avoided during these nine days of celebration. Navratri is the beginning of the festivals like Dussehra and Diwali. People believe that Goddess Durga is the symbol of wealth, prosperity, health, and power and so worship and celebrate the nine avatars or forms of Durga during this time.

To enjoy the festivities of Navratri, there are certain dos and don’ts that one should follow during fasting. So if you plan to fast on this Navratri then ensure that you do it the right way. The fasting can help you lose weight and will also make you feel fresh and great. Below is the guide to help everyone on what to eat during Navratri fasting .

Kuttu ka Atta

Kuttu ka atta is the most common and popularly used item during the Navratri fasts. After eating something made of Kuttu, one feels the mouth drying up quickly. So it is recommended that when someone is eating something made of Kuttu, they should always keep some other dish complimenting the Kuttu item. For instance, one can have Kuttu ki Puri, Kuttu ki Kachori, Kuttu ka Dosa, Kuttu ke pakode with a side dish like curd which will not dry up your mouth later.

 eat during navratri fasting
Sama Rice

As one cannot eat grains during fasting, the Sama rice can be consumed as it is considered as a seed. One can make similar dishes with Sama rice just like regular rice. A sweet dish such as Sama ki kheer or Sama ka pulao, Sama ka Dhokla and Sama ki Idli can be made with the help of Sama rice.

Potato Dishes

During Navratri fasting, potatoes are widely used and consumed. A dish like dahi-aloo, puri, and aloo-jeera ki sabji is prepared. And Potato chips are all time favourite of all devotees.

 eat during navratri fasting
Singhare ka Atta or chestnut flour

Singhare ka atta is used to make puris that compliment and go extremely well with aloo-jeera ki sabji. These puris help to keep the stomach full for a longer period and so will help you to stay active throughout the day.

Tea and coffee

An overconsumption of beverages such as tea and coffee will cause acidity or other stomach related health issues. So it is advised that during Navratri fasting, one does not consume more than 2-3 cups of it in a day.

Sendha Namak

One cannot have something made of regular salt during Navratri fasts. Thus, Sendha Namak or rock salt is used in its pure form during fasts.

 eat during navratri fasting

Fresh and seasonal fruits are highly consumed during Navratri fast. One can make a fruit salad and have it by adding rock salt and little lime juice that will enhance the taste.

 eat during navratri fasting

So that one does not lose out on essential nutrients while fasting in Navratri, it is important that you eat dry fruits such as almonds, cashew nuts, and raisins that can also be added to the Navratri dishes while preparing them.

 eat during navratri fasting

This ingredient is used to make Sabudana khichdi that is served along with curd during fasts. Besides this, Sabudana vada is also made that is served with coriander chutney or tomato ketchup.

 eat during navratri fasting

It is believed that the Navratri fast brings divine blessing for the person who keeps the fast. So eating these food items will not only make your Navratri fasting more ideal but will also give you the opportunity to lose weight and detox your body. Spread joy and cheer across your friends and family this festive season and enjoy these delightful food items.

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