How to Decorate a Teenager’s Bedroom


decorate Teenagers room
decorate Teenagers room

Are you wondering about how to decorate your teenage daughter’s room?  Get some ideas here. Cheerful details, playful accents, bright colors, and fun furniture can help you create the perfect teenager’s bedroom. One where a  teen can have slumber parties, hang out with friends while listening to music and playing games; have restful sleep, and study with perfect concentration. There are a number of ways in which you can make a teenager’s room cozy and inviting.

Add Cheer with Colors

You can give a bright, cheery look to a teenager’s bedroom by adding a colorful, tropical touch to the décor. You can decorate using flower patterned curtains and quilts. Bean bag chairs made of colorful prints can also help brighten up any corner in a teenager’s bedroom. Exotic colors like rose-pink or pale purple for cabinets and bookshelves can be used to enliven the room further.

Add Exotic Wall Accents

You can make any room stand out immediately by adding wall decals. These wall accessories can be found in several unique designs. For the fun-loving teen, you can pick-up decals with funny phrases, while paisley and floral patterns are perfect for the art-minded teen.

Calendar decals are a great way to keep adolescents organized. Sports figures and gear cutouts are ideal for the athlete. You can also look for wall decals that double up as pin-boards to stick pictures upon.

Add Fun Furniture

The right furniture is essential to liven up a teenager’s room. Loft beds and bunk beds not only let you save a lot of space, but can also be great fun to have in the room. Loft beds with space for a workstation, along with space for books and CDs on the ground level, with a comfortable bed on top, can give your teen a sense of personal space.

To make the seating area in the bedroom more youthful, you can opt for cozy bean bag chairs, loungers, or hang-around chairs. You can also pick from swivel chairs or armchairs. Books and CDs can be stored in revolving bookcases or even skateboard shelves. They not only look great but also save a lot of space.

Add a Touch of Whimsy

If you want the bedroom to reflect a quirky, original personality, then turn your attention to the small details. An unusual but striking color combination can lend a truly original touch to the room. Colors like purple and mauve can be mixed with beige or muted orange for maximum artistic contrast.

Small but unique details added to regular bedroom furniture like wall-hooks, tables, and bookcases can also bestow an original air. Curtains and quilts with unusual patterns can enhance the sense of fun and whimsy.

Bring Out the Best in Your Teen

A teen bedroom needs to reflect their unique personality. For this, take some time to plan and put together a good look. Online stores are great for getting unique and appealing bedroom furniture and accessories for your teen. With a little bit of thought and care, you can have a very happy teen at home!

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