10 Tips for an Easy and Affordable Home Makeover

Redecorating your home can be intimidating, thanks to the popular but false belief that it has to involve a lot of money and effort to actually look good. We all know that modern methods of decoration can be very expensive and time consuming, but those are not the only options to make your house look more inviting and attractive. Here are some easy and affordable touches you can add to your place for an amazing makeover. These affordable home makeover ideas are not just easy to implement but also very easy on your pocket. Once you follow some, or for best results, all of these simple tips, you’ll be surprised to see the vibrancy and coziness of your home environment.

Add Some Green

affordable home makeover


There’s a reason why indoor plants are so popular. They freshen up the air and create a refreshed, outdoorsy effect in any closed space with little effort. Adding some of your favorite indoor plants, even a few cactuses, could majorly complement your home. Some of the best indoor plants are snake plant, spider plant, dracaena, money tree and aloe Vera. These plants remove so many pollutants from the air and make it clean and fresh. You can easily find these amazing plants in any nursery near your home.

Artificial plants are another go-to option, with their low maintenance and variety. A passageway lined with potted plants or a flower vase on the dining table adds a certain charm to the plainest of homes.


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 It’s 2018, and we’re absolutely bored of neutrals! Get some vibrant paint of your favorite color and paint it over one of the walls, letting the others stay neutral. This will create an impression of a larger space while setting a trendy theme for even the most modest of rooms. You can go with textured hues as well. Ocean blue with its calming shades is a good option, so is the bright red if you want a bold vibe. With a little bit of creativity, you can easily enhance the décor of your home.

Display Himalayan Salt Lamps

 Instead of the usual ornaments, get the trendiest health accessory to decorate your home – Himalayan Salt Lamps. With their comforting orange-pink light and numerous health benefits, these lamps are a must-have for any modern-day home decorating project.affordable home makeover

These lamps are made from pure Himalayan Salt crystals that are mined from ancient sea deposits in Khewra Salt Mines, Pakistan. These lamps are said to be beneficial for many health conditions such as respiratory disorders, allergies, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), anxiety, insomnia, and headaches. As if all this wasn’t enough, the main benefit of these lamps is air purification – they fight dust, dander and harmful positive ions (electronic smog) released by our electronic devices (T.V, mobile phones, laptops etc.) every day.

All these benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps are said to be due to their unique property of releasing negative ions into the atmosphere, which have also been appropriately dubbed ‘Vitamins of the Air’. These ions are so beneficial in neutralizing the air.

Light It Up
affordable home makeover


Tiny colourful fairy lights are just as versatile as they’re pretty. From bedrooms to gardens, they can be put up anywhere according to your taste. The best use of fairy lights would be twining them around plants in your garden or patio.

Spotlights and LEDs are great options that conserve energy and brighten up the surroundings. A dully lit space can really seem morose, so focus on lighting it up! Fancier lights, if not out of the budget, are also a good option.

Add Some Drama

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Do it with mirrors! Plain old small square mirrors aren’t decorative, remember that. To make mirrors add flair to a room, you need to use your imagination. Either go for a large rectangular one that is at least 3/4th the length of a wall to make your space look bigger, or opt for small ones with ornate frames for a more classic vintage theme. Circular mirrors are also the latest trend in wall décor – affordable, and classy!


Show Your Love for Art

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If you have a good eye for art, you can consider showing your appreciation for it. A charming piece of work hung on a plain wall can add so much meaning to otherwise plain surroundings!

You can go with abstracts if you want a chic theme, or opt for beautiful landscapes to introduce elements of nature. Art comes in all shapes and sizes, so there’s no limit to the options available.

Showcase Your Memories

affordable home makeover


A display of your own pictures can liven up your atmosphere while allowing you to relive precious times in moments of relaxation. Frame memorable moments and hang them on plain walls, or use ornamental photo frames to display on empty tables, shelves or on the staircase.

Wall Stickers

affordable home makeover



No need to spend on expensive wallpapers for the sake of redecoration! Wall stickers are a new trend. Cheaper and easily available, there’s a wide variety you can choose from. Use any artistic design that complements the theme of your home.

Accessorize in Style

affordable home makeover


Huge beanbags, trendy rugs, patterned cushions, and the addition of a shelf or two to display your ornaments or pictures are also great ways to redecorate.

Go for Crafty DIY
affordable home makeover


From repurposing furniture to creating artistic ornaments for a mantelpiece display, there are countless easy and inexpensive home decorating ideas on the internet. Get working, and enjoy the satisfaction of a productive day after a finished project.

With all the above affordable home makeover options, you can give your home a new look within a minimal budget. Impressive houses are not only those with plush furnishings, you just need to be creative and have a bit of imagination!


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