Warning and Tips when you follow gluten free diet

8508503287_c218fc2bd2_bIf you have recently switched to a gluten-free diet, it is important for you to know some important things in this regard. It sometimes seems challenging to cook a gluten free diet, which is an essential treatment for a celiac person. However, if you follow some tips  and take care of a few warnings while purchasing  gluten free foods and cooking gluten free recipes, it will be just an easy every day task for you.

 Living Completely Gluten –free Life

For a person with gluten intolerance or gluten allergy or celiac disease, it is imperative to live a completely gluten free life. It requires staying away from traditional foods such as breads, pastas, baked goods, sauces, cereals and gravies.  You need to replace them with things such as rice, potato, corn, risotto, millet, quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth.  You can also consume lentils, beans and chickpeas.

 Tips for following a Gluten-free diet

Though you might be intimidated by the idea of living life without eating those traditional foods, there are several delicious gluten-free foods available in nature.  You can have foods made with rice, corn, and tapioca flours.  You can opt for gluten-free goodies such as sauces, cereals, beer, candy and pasta. Here are a few tips, which help you make sure that the food you are eating is gluten-free.

  Read the labels on food packs before you buy them.

Make sure that the label says” gluten-free”. If you are not sure of the foodstuff, avoid that food.

 Look for the gluten in your pantry

There are certain food items, which carry gluten in the hidden form such as soy sauce, malt flavoring, malt and others.  Avoid these things.

Avoid processed foods as they contain additives having gluten.

While going to dine out, take care of what you eat. Search for gluten-free restaurants. If speak to manager in advance, they accommodate according to you.  You can also order online for gluten-free sauces, cookies, pasta pizzas and snacks.


Even though gluten-free food is safe and healthy for you, but it is not calorie –free.  It also contains carbohydrates and fats like its gluten counterparts. While eating, watch your portions. Also, if you are experiencing any gastrointestinal distress after eating any gluten-free product, consult your doctor.  Beware of certain foods such as emulsifier, natural flavor, dextrin, mono and diglycerides, caramel color as they can carry gluten. For a celiac, it is unsafe to consume even a pinch of gluten seasoning. So, eliminate gluten from their diet. Use only freshest ingredients to prepare gluten-free meals. Just segregate all the things used for preparing gluten and gluten-free foods such as countertops, cutting boards, forks, knives and spoons to avoid contamination with gluten. Though initially, it may take efforts to start gluten-free eating, soon it will become part of your lifestyle.

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