Not every loss is a defeat! Follow Easy Health Tips For Weight Loss

Weight loss is now a trending topic and everyone is over conscious about it. People consult a dietician and join a gym, go for an intense workout and drilling to reduce weight and be in shape. Some people even go on a crash diet which is immensely harmful. Let’s keep aside all these hardcore methods and glance at some easy and hassle-free tips for natural weight loss and healthy living as weight loss is the only loss that makes everyone happy and delighted.

 Sneak Peek

Some interesting and quick health tips to kick start the weight loss regime are:

  • Pen down meal plans and maintain a food diary. It sometimes happens that in spite of having a fixed diet regime, many tend to get diverted and grab a quick bite. A food diary will help to monitor the diversion and keep a note of all the extra calories.
  • It is always prescribed to eat in small and measured portions. This eventually helps in reducing food intake and cutting out calories.
  • Every diet should be well-balanced. Eating balanced and eating healthy is the mantra! One should go for an all-embracing meal comprising of vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, and proteins.Even oil is required for the body, it may sound funny though!

    Health and wellness go hand in hand, and if one goes for these quick tips, it will automatically result in natural well-being. But the first and very primary step to such wellness is reducing weight (if at all any). Reason being, the excessive weight causes a lot of diseases in one hand and hamper natural wellness on the other. Overweight and obesity are serious health hazards and should be immediately addressed. Here are some of the regular guidelines for successful and most effective weight loss.

    No to Sweetness

    Cut down sugar intake directly and in cooking. Sugar causes fat accumulation and results in a hell lot of health issues including diabetic tendency. The habit of drinking beverages without sugar is the most effective guideline for natural weight loss.

    Go Sugar-Free

    Salt-free is Guilt-free

    Reducing sodium intake is also one of most effective health tips for weight reduction. Cooking with minimal salt is advisable to everybody, especially those who are intending for rapid weight loss as salt contains sodium which in turn causes water retention and weight loss. The secret tip is to have salt-free dinner twice a week to see a quick result.

    Go Green – Even for Tea

    Switching over to herbal tea or green tea is also a step towards weight loss. Things like green tea, jasmine tea, cinnamon tea, rose petal water, ginseng water, dandelion and peppermint tea and sage tea contain antioxidants that are useful for reducing weight.


Drink Enough and Say No to Fizz

Another important health tip is drinking sufficient amount of water (read 2-3 liters per day) is also needed for weight loss. Doctors and nutritionists believe that water flushes out toxins from the body and accelerate the desired process. Also one should completely stop the fizz!- consumption of any sort of aerated and carbonated beverage is a strict no as the same contains excessive sugar and result in a gradual gain of body weight. Even do not trust the ‘diet’ and ‘sugar-free’ versions.

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