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So now you want to quit smoking? Yes this is the right moment to quit it. It is definitely a good decision, and you can with strong will power and the right kind of motivation. Millions of people want to know the right tips to quit smoking, but most of them are unsuccessful in their first attempt. Yet not all is lost, you should have a tailored planned for yourself, and work hard towards achieving your goal. Your friends and well wishers are willing to give you tips to quit smoking.


Why is quitting difficult?

Before we first let you know the tips we have to first learn the effects of smoking tobacco. Smoking can affect you physically and psychologically. It is a strong addiction. The act is deeply ingrained as a daily routine as the nicotine offers a great relief temporarily to the mental and the physical aspects of the body. So if you are going to eliminate that addictive high, or the regular dose of nicotine to your body, you body is going to react. There will be changes psychologically and physically. So you see this is a complex procedure, if you have been smoking cigarette for many years. For the teens it can be fairly easy. Therefore, you have to emphasize on the both the aspect by addressing the changes in the behavior and also the withdrawal symptoms. People are now curious to find about the effect ways about how to be smoke free and get tips to quit smoking.

Tips to quit smoking

Kick the butt with safe plans that suit your body and your needs. You can also create your personal plan on how to be smoke free. Tailoring to your specific needs can go a long way in helping you to quit smoking. To begin with you have to think about a lot of things before you start. The reasons why you started, when you started and how play a significant part in helping you know the tips to quit smoking.

The reasons for your quitting comprise of:

  1. I want to quit because I spend more money on them.
  2. I want to quit because my partner does not like me smoke.
  3. I want to be healthy, energetic and happy.
  4. I do not want to put my children and spouse at any risk of second hand smoke.
  5. I want to make my family feel proud of me.

These are sufficient reasons for you to remember when you feel the urge to smoke. You can keep this list where you usually keep you cigarettes. This makes it effect in case you reach out for one.

Why do you smoke?

If you truly want to know how to be smoke free, then you have to ask yourself a few questions as to why you need to smoke. Just like why you need to quit as mentioned above. This helps to analyze many things about your behavior and then you can detach from smoking. These questions can help:

  1. Is it meal time that makes you smoke?
  2. Is it linked to other addictions like gambling and alcohol?
  3. Has smoking addiction reached a grave situation?
  4. Do you smoke only in social circles?
  5. Do you smoke when you are under stress or in emotional turmoil?

Pondering on these questions will help you know how to withdraw your hand when you are in this situation. It will identify, help you to stay away from cigarette.

Effective tips for quitting cigarettes:

If you want to know tips to quit smoking, you have to first get ready for the difficult task ahead. As you must have heard, quitting is difficult than starting to smoke. But there are ways that can help you on how to be smoke free.

  • Make a plan

Do not set a date for your event; it must be now, right at this moment. Because tomorrow never comes. There is no such thing as a fixing as date. If you want to quit, why not now? Just throw it away.

  •  Focus on your diet

There are foods that make cigarette taste bad and some that enhance the taste. If you want to quit adding cheese, vegetables, fruits, juices, etc. Stay away from meat, pizza, burger, alcohol, cola, tea, coffee etc.

  • Focus on your cravings

What to do when you get a craving? You chalk a plan and make a list. You can simply do the opposite of what you are doing. If you are sleeping, go out for a walk, attending a party, leave it, or dance or talk to someone.

  • Join a group

A group who has come together to stop smoking can be of great help. Together it becomes easy and makes the task simple. You can join your family members or friends and can also join support services. There is also helpline available.

  • Stick to non-smoking friends

At the party or during any events, you can stick to your non-smoking friends, this can stop your cravingsand you do not have to watch them smoke.

Other methods of quitting

Have you hear of electronic cigarette? If no, then these are a kind of cigarettes that look like real cigarettes, but are not. The liquid in the electronic cigarette gets vaporized and creates smoke. It is the safest way and is a tar-free way of smoking, non-flammable, odorless and cheap. However, electronic cigarette is not totally safe. The electronic cigarette is a newer method, and many have tried it too.
A doctor is the right person who knows more about electronic cigarette.
Hypnosis has helped many quit cigarettes, although it does not help people quit, it still works for many. Visit a doctor and ask for details.
Some other methods are acupuncture, low-level laser therapy, or the cold laser therapy, smoking deterrents, filters, atropine and scopolamine combination therapy herbs and supplements, etc.


However, quitting usually is done in a slow and steady way for most of them. You can begin by cutting down the numbers slowly without coming back to the original number. The number of reduced cigarettes in a day should help you know that you can stay without cigarettes and how to be smoke free. Suddenly throwing the entire pack may work for some while for some it may not.

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