4 Health Tips To Eat Light And Eat Right This Summer

Health and wellness are BFF – yes, you heard it right – they are best friends forever. They go hand in hand, and if one is upset, the other buddy just refuses to be happy. So it’s imperative and mandate to enhance the charm of our health along with boosting up wellness of the body. Rather, let’s put it in simple terms. We should all focus on up surging the wellness of health.

Health is Wealth – Protect it

Summer is here. Scorching heat and glazing rays everyday cause enough damage to your skin and hair. But do you know that this blistering summer is equally bad for your health if you do not follow some tried and tested daily health tips?

Read on these highly efficient health tips.

  1. Watch out The Diet

The right mantra to stay fit, up and active in this summer is eating healthy. Summer season gives us a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and it is an intelligent task to include plenty of them in the regular diet. One can even replace the snacks and mid-morning munchies by fruits, vegetable salads or a tasty combination of both.  All of us should pick those fruits which contain a lot of water like watermelon, muskmelon, etc. so that the body stays sufficiently hydrated. In the case of cooking also; it is preferred to have light recipes like stew and soup of various kinds. Spicy dishes are big no in this season.

Juicy Fruits
All of us should pick those fruits which contain a lot of water so that the body stays sufficiently hydrated.


2. Sip and Slurp

One can also try sun teas. They are really helpful for beating the summer heat as well as maintain a healthy living. The method is simple and can be easily processed at your own kitchen. Take flowers and leaves like red clover or hibiscus, chamomile, lemongrass or peppermint or any local herb that is loaded with medicinal value and gives good flavor. Keep it under the sun for a couple of hours or may the entire day till sunset. Drink it by enhancing the taste with some lemon peel, orange flakes or few strings of jasmine or rosemary. Similarly one can make moon teas by letting the leaves soak under the soothing moonlight. This is a perfect summer recipe and has a lot of health benefits.

Sun Tea
They {Sun Tea} are really helpful for beating the summer heat as well as maintaining a healthy living.

3. Water is Life

The most important summer health advice to beat the scorching heat is to keep the body sufficiently hydrated. Though sufficient water intake is important in all seasons- but the necessity just doubles up in these months. It is medically advisable to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day along with other fluids like lemonade, chhachh, lassi, and juices. If you are someplace humid, add a pinch of salt with the regular water intake as excessive sweating results in loss of essential salt from the body.

Drink Water
…keep the body sufficiently hydrated.

4. All-Embracing Nutrition

One can also try out nutritional supplements this summer. They have immense health benefits like providing energy, destressing, calming of nerves and maintaining overall wellness. The B-complex vitamins help in soothing out nervous system and beneficial for cellular energy generation, while vitamin C and the antioxidants guard the body against anxiety, chemical impurities, and the biochemical pollutants.

Health Supplements
…try out nutritional supplements this summer.

Let us all take an oath of staying healthy with these quick and easy guidelines. Follow these and enjoy summer’s beauty.


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