Hair Loss and its prevention

hair loss



Hair forms an integral part of everyone’s personality. In fact beautiful, shining, and healthy hairs are the center of attraction and always demand a second look.
Women all over the world put in extra effort to make their hair look glowing and voluminous.

Hairs have a definite cycle of growing, falling and growing. For example about ninety percent of the hair is in the growth stage which lasts up to 5-6 years. The rest ten percent remain in restingstage and then shed off to be replaced by new hair.  What if the cycle breaks? And if the hair does not grow back then even normal hair fall results in a Hair Loss.

In fact, hair loss is a very big problem all over the world. And the most important reason of hair loss is improper nutrition and lack of proper exercises.

So the first step towards taking care of your hair is taking proper nutrition. And what’s better than performing scalp exercises along with.

Prevention of hair loss with Exercises

 Yoga and fresh air

Yoga helps in relaxing the mind and soul, and fresh air provides unlimited oxygen to all body parts. In the present work environment, mental stress and sedentary lifestyle form the major cause of hair loss. So exercises are indispensable.

In fact, brisk walk for half an hour helps in opening the skin pores and prepares them for further growth.

However a particular routine of exercises is a must.

Scalp Exercises

Scalp Exercises are particularly important as they increase the circulation of blood in the scalp. With blood comes the nutrition and hence the prevention of hair loss.


A gentle massage with fingertips using herbal oil gives best results when practiced regularly. Herbal oil nourishes the roots and finger tip massage increases the blood circulation.

Head Exercise 1

Step 1: stand with your legs apart and slowly breathe in and out.

Step 2: lean forward gradually, while exhaling. Bring your head below waist level.

Step 3: remain in this position and gently pat your head with your knuckles.

Step 4: go back to original position again and pat your head slowly.

Step 5: repeat 5-7 times.

The increase in blood supply enhances hair-growth while doing this exercise.

Head Exercise 2

Step 1: stand in normal posture and inhale-exhale slowly.

Step 2: keep your head straight and firm. Turn your head 5-times in one direction and 5-times in another direction. Come to the original position.

Step 3: with firm head, bend your head downward and then lift. Repeat for 5-times.

Step 4: move your head in circular motion 5-times clockwise and 5-times anti-clockwise.

It is a complete head exercise where all the muscles get active.


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