Causes and diagnosis of Hair Loss

hair loss

Hair loss can be caused due to many factors. The causes can be general or specific. And whatever is the cause the treatment has to be specific.

   General causes of Hair Loss:

  • A poor diet is one of the major causes of hair-loss. Sometimes diets and eating-disarrays may also lead to hair-loss.
  • Heavy medication used for curing different diseases, like arthritis, a heart – problem can also be the cause of hair-loss.
  • Treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy essentially cause hair-loss.
  • In fact, some diseases also cause hair-loss. These are jaundice, typhoid, diabetes, etc.
  • Fungal infections like incase of dandruff, or ringworm attacking scalp also cause hair-loss.
  • Hair-loss may be an aftereffect of pregnancy, wherein hormonal changes may sometimes cause thyroid-malfunctioning and ultimately hair-loss.
  • Excessive chemical-treatments while straightening or curling or any other similar hair-styling can cause hair-loss.

Specific Causes of Hair-Loss 

  • Androgenic alopecia: It is a hereditary disorder that causes pattern baldness.

In fact, growth, texture, volume, speed of hair and baldness are    hereditary.

  • Cicatricial alopecia is responsible for genetic loss of hair, as hair follicles are scarred.
  • Another genetic disorder is Alopecia Areata causes hair-loss.
  • Telogen Effluvium: Nutritional deficiencies, drastic weight-loss, metabolic disturbances, stress or shock may cause emotional disturbance and hence hair-loss.

Process to diagnose Hair-Loss:

For the treatment of any disease, it’s always advisable to find the root-cause of the disease. There may be one or more reasons associated with it.

As per the procedure the doctor first examines the affected area physically for any symptomsand if the problem is diagnosed then the treatment can be suggested there and then.

However, if by diagnosis, no physical problem can be found, then some specific tests are recommended:

 Screening Test

One of the major causes of hair loss is due to the effect of some other underlying disease like hypothyroid, diabetes, or any other disease. Doctors perform screeningtest to find the exact cause of any such disease.

The screening test is also performed to find the effect of medicine that’s been taken for treating high blood-pressure, arthritis, depression, heart problem gout, etc.

Screening test gives an idea of the effect of the medicine and since the medicine is indispensable so the doctor always tries to alter the effect of medicine to prevent hair-loss.

Skin Scraping

To perform this test, doctors scrape the skin with the scraping-tool to procure samples of skin. This test helps in determining the infections of the scalp. The infection may be due to ringworm also.

Hair Pull Test

Some 40-50 hairs are gently pulled from the skin to observe the stage of hair loss.

The roots of the hair are examined for being dead or alive.

To see the extent of hair loss and its remedy, it’s always advisable to consult a doctor and not form any opinion yourself.


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