10 Illnesses You Get From Poor Air Quality at Home

It’s easy to lose track of the importance of the resources that surround us, especially when they are invisible to the eye. Yes, I am talking about air. Most of us have dealt with stiff and poor air quality in our homes at one point or another.

Sometimes we don’t realize the importance of good ventilation, but when we start feeling the effects of horrible air quality, we tend to pay more attention. That means we need to start being more aware of the value of the air that we breathe in our homes.poor air quality

We shouldn’t underestimate the implications of poor quality air on our health, especially of those who might be more sensitive, like our children. Being constantly exposed to air that is contaminated with different substances can eventually lead to serious health issues.

We could prevent such health problems if we have a proactive approach in dealing with the air in our homes. It’s always easier to deal with a situation if you are prepared and think ahead, instead of having to patch things up as you go. A simple solution would be seeking out advice from air conditioning specialists.

Check out these 10 diseases that could threaten you or your loved ones if the air you breathe at home is bad.


A very common symptom for a lot of conditions and can be generated by an extremely large number of causes. It’s something that we probably almost never consider as a result of anything else but too much work or too little sleep, things that are so common in today’s society.

Coming home to a place with poor air quality and sleeping in a place like that can cause fatigue and we don’t even think about it.

  Sensory irritation of the eyes, nose, or throat

Can be caused by having poor air quality in your house. Different contaminants in the common household may pose a threat to the health of the eyes and cause unpleasant irritations to the nose and respiratory system.

Although these may not seem like huge problems, when they happen on a daily basis, you might think again about investing in good domestic air conditioning.

 Skin irritation

Since we’re talking about different types of irritation. As much as poor air quality affects us on the inside, our exterior may also suffer from that. Rashes, eczemas, or just itchy and plain ugly-looking skin can affect our day to day life more than we know.

If you don’t take care of these signs, they can turn into more serious and difficult conditions and no one wants to struggle with skin diseases. They’re uncomfortable.


Very common nowadays and we all suffer from them from time to time. Imagine you can remove one of the causes easily by taking care of one small thing.

Residential air conditioning is becoming an option that homeowners are considering more and more. What’s a nice and beautifully designed house, if the air is horrible and nobody wants to visit?


Sure, this is caused by so many things that surround us, that sometimes you start to think “Maybe I’m just a grumpy person”. Well, surprise, your moodiness can be caused by having to breathe bad air every day at home.

There are only so many walks you can take before coming back home, so if the air where you live is contaminated by all sorts of chemicals and is poorly ventilated, you might need to find a durable solution.

Nonspecific hypersensitivity reactions

Another set of conditions that can be caused by poor air quality.

If we are exposed to spoiled air and do nothing about it, we soon may find ourselves fighting all sorts of allergies that tend to stick and need medication to be kept under control.

 Inflammatory diseases of the respiration tract

A bit more serious than just bad moods or dry eyes. The moment when your lungs start to be affected by the tainted air at home, it’s time to take action.

If you can’t breathe properly, your life quality is affected altogether, so the installation of proper air conditioning for domestic use becomes a must.

 Infliction to odour and taste sensory systems

Basically creates discomfort to your sense of smell or taste. Even if you don’t think about the way air at home affects you in every little way, you might want to give it a second thought.

Air is vital to us, and that means that its quality shouldn’t be overlooked.

Asthma and asthma-like symptoms

poor air qualityMost commonly felt through chest tightness and wheezing, these symptoms another serious consequence of  being exposed to corrupt air. Be it in your home or work your place, because let’s be honest, we tend to spend a lot of time there, if we breathe moldy air, we risk getting sick.

While commercial air conditioning is not something you have to take care of, the air in your home is your responsibility and if you have children, then you need to assure they can grow in a healthy space.

Infectious diseases

May be caught in homes where insects are also at home. Be sure to avoid these little disease-carrying pests, since they’re not only annoying, but they can cost you more than slapping yourself at night.

Good air ventilation will help you maintain a fresh and disease-free home.


Now I know we can’t all live in the Alps or even in the countryside where pollution is less present than in most of the developed parts of the world, but there’s something we can do to make sure the air we breathe is clean.

Remember that it’s good to be informed about the risks you are prone to and also the solutions you have at hand to counterstrike any potential diseases.

Good ventilation, a proper domestic air conditioning installation, and trying to limit our exposure to dangerous chemicals in our homes will make a great difference.

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