Happiness of life lies in enjoying small moments

happiness in life


In today’s age, when everybody is striving hard to achieve a big goal they have set for them. Often, they believe that they will be happy only when they will achieve their bigger goals. However, in this run to achieve bigger goals, they often forget to experience happiness that is scattered everywhere around them. I believe that the happiness of life lies in the small pleasures that all of us are blessed with.


How do you feel when you find no traffic on the road at a busy time of the day?

What is the pleasure you get when the wake-up alarm rings and you ignore it to get those extra five minutes of sleep in a chilly morning?

Remember your smile when you stopped by to have a look at two small puppies playing with each other or a laughing toddler?

I know you must be feeling delighted when you reach home tired after a day’s work, and you find your favorite dish waiting for you on the dinner table, just prepared for you.

So, what I am trying to say if you join dots between all these little joyful moments, you will feel the fullness of life.

Let me share with you a few ways to stay happy always.

Enjoy the nature around you

You need not go far away to enjoy nature as it is all around you. Just wake up early morning and enjoy the silence. Watch birds flying, listen to their chirping. Look into the sky, its shades, clouds and their changing faces.

Be grateful for your life

Happiness is a state of mind; it is not just a quote, it’s a fact of life. Be grateful to have a life that many just dream of. Even if you are a living an ordinary life, that is precious as many are just ailing or disabled. Be grateful that you have food on your plate, drinking clean water, have people who care for you, and there are hundreds of such things for which you can always be grateful.

Be childish at times

Children are designed to be carefree and happy.   Those carefree laughs often vanish away when you grow up. Revive those moments by just being childish. Play with a little child, lick your   ice-cream, read comic books, watch a funny cartoon and do whatever that gives you pure bliss.

The whole point is, happiness of life is hidden in small gestures of daily life. You need not make any efforts to feel those tiny pleasures; they become your way of life.

Make a list of those moments that made you happy today. Or try out to do those little things that can make you happy in just five minutes.


2 thoughts on “Happiness of life lies in enjoying small moments

  • January 13, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    Well said VAndana! The true meaning of happiness does lie in appreciating small things!

    • January 14, 2015 at 8:13 pm

      Hi Sonal,

      Yes Sonal! It happens with all of us that although we enjoy our small moments but fail to recognize them as part of our true happiness.


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