Top 10 food blogs in India making a mark in social media

India has always been a pinnacle of a wide variety of cuisines that have a rich taste and are loaded with spices. These wide varieties of cuisines provide an amazing platform for experimentation and creativity. Indians are naturally talented when it comes to showing their culinary skills.

The selected few have intense passion towards the art of cooking and come up with ways to reveal their talent to the world. The Indian Television Industry has given a lot of importance to this exceptional talent with master-chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor and his show.

Many reality shows have also come up recently that help selects the best out of the lot. Other than this, Blogging is the best way to connect with your audience and let them know how good you are at the art of cooking. Here is a list of the top 10 food blogs that are making a mark on social media and our hearts too.

Archana’s Kitchen


top 10 food blogs in india

Archana Doshi is a well-experienced and hardworking blogger who manifested her interest in the art of cooking since a very young age. Her blog has existed for a long time and provides the visitors a well-structured variety of dishes to try and experiment. Her social media popularity has reached a high of 1.11 Million likes along with 41.6K YouTube subscribers.  What makes her blog a top choice is the quick and easy tips and tricks she provides the visitors, for a shortcut to cooking.

Nisha Madhulika


top 10 food blogs in india

With the start of her journey in 2007, Nisha has attained huge success in the field of cooking and culinary expertise, which is pretty evident from her huge subscriber count of 2 Million on YouTube. Her blog is well scripted and designed for the ease of users with numerous tabs of sections like snacks, baking, sweets and so on. Her blog ranks as one of the top food blogs in the capital city of Delhi.

Veg Recipes of India:

top 10 food blogs in india

With more than 35.7K followers this blog by Dassana Amit is a go-to blog for the vegetarian population out there who are looking for new and tasty recipes to make their daily food routine interesting with experimentation. Dassana brings to you her amazing culinary skills with vegetarian dishes from all over the world. Her blog has garnered huge popularity with around 1.51 Million likes on the social media. With her cooking skills to get to know about the wide array of dishes from all over the country, be it the far south or up north.

Saffron Trail


If you are looking for a tasty but healthy food option, Nandita Iyer has got you covered. A medical doctor by qualification, she holds specialization in the field of nutrition. Her in-depth knowledge of the nutritional requirements by our body is an asset for her when she wants to make a perfectly balanced food item which maintains the Indian essence but doesn’t hamper your health with an oil, sugar or salt overload. Everything she incorporates into her cooking style is well-balanced and nutritious and tasty as well.

 Passionate About Baking

food blogs

The owner and creator of this food blog, Deeba Rajpal is a foodie who loves to make cuisines from the scratch to get that perfect taste which can never be supplemented by ingredients bought from the supermarket. Her blog is about baking along with food photography while introducing new trends in baked goods. She keeps experimenting with various flours to make cakes, which also includes the healthier options with less fat and sugar content. She also writes for the online baking blog by The Times of India known as The Rabid Baker.

maunikagowardhan   top 10 food blogs in india

Maunika Gowardhan is a UK-based Indian culinary artist who specializes in Indian cuisines. Not many Indian restaurants in the UK serve authentic Indian food. This takes away the essence of our culture. Bringing forward this essence to the audience, Maunika provides the perfect step by step guide to amazing butter chicken or some gorgeous aalu ke paranthe.

Cooking Shooking

top 10 food blogs in india

A 12-year old interested in cooking rather than playing outside or on the computer is what makes this particular blog something extra special. Yaman started his blog about three years ago and had a huge collection of innovative recipes that will make even a master-chef go crazy at the level of skill he holds. His videos perfectly capture his love for cooking which pours down to the level of taste his cuisines have.


A chartered accountant by profession, Kavitha Ramaswamy is the creator and contributor to the blog Foodomania. Her blog is well cumulated and provides a clear guide to what to expect and what not to expect from the insights she provides into each cuisine she cooks. Her recipes are easy to follow even for a beginner who doesn’t even know how to cook.

Sharmis Passions

top 10 food blogs in india

If you are a beginner in the extensive field of cooking, you should definitely pay a visit to Sharmis Passions which is a well-curated blog by Sharmilee. Here each recipe is described step by step along with pictures to obtain perfection while cooking. As of now, her blog has gathered a total of 319K likes on the social media platform which reflects how amazing her way of cooking food is. She has a wide variety of recipes on the blog like South Indian food, baked ones, desserts and even the tasty version of food for your baby.

Divine Taste

top 10 food blogs in india

This Mumbai based food blog has changed the game for Sattvic food lovers who refrain from any tamasik food options. Who said Tamasik food has to be tasteless? Anushruti RK is an amazing recipe developer who has her specialty in the offbeat aspect of Sattvic dishes and the pure vegetarian ones. With the help of Anushruti, you can now enjoy living a healthy and Vedic life free of garlic, onions, meat or fish without compromising with the taste.


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