Everything you need to know about NCAA


NCAA or National Collegiate Athletic Association is a not for profit organization. It regulates the athletes from around 1,281 institutions and organizations. These include conferences and also individuals. It has been very successful in its job of organising various athletic programs of many universities and colleges in Canada and the United States of America. Thus it helps around 450,000 students who go to college and have a belief and interest in sports and athletics.  These students compete in sports on an annual basis because of the work and effort that is put by the NCAA.


A billion dollar revenue

The success of NCAA can very well be observed by taking a look at the huge money it makes annually. It is said that the NCAA made around a billion dollars in revenue in the year of 2014. It has also been observed that around 80 to 90 percent of this revenue was extracted by organizing basketball tournaments in the men’s division. These tournaments are held on an annual basis in Indianapolis. The revenue extracted from this tournament is later distributed back to the various institutions and organisations across the United States of America.

Almost all sports are encouraged by NCAA

One major, advantageous and important fact about NCAA is that it encourages all sports. It does not give preference to a single sport like India does the same to cricket. Every sport is given equal importance and preference and students interested in a particular sport are deeply encouraged to take it.Baseball, basketball, gymnastics, ice hockey, tennis, track and field, bowling and fencing are a few sports to name a few. Apart from this there are many other sports that are there in the bucket list of the NCAA and each of these sports is given equal and ample importance.

NCAA and the media

NCAA and the media go hand in hand. NCAA is a great association and this can be observed by its continuous coverage by the media. Some popular media channels in which NCAA has acquired rights are CBS Sports network, CBS sports, ESPN Plus, ESPN and also Turner sports. All these channels are viewed by a majority of the total population. These channels broadcast the coverage of approximately 90 championships, 88 to be precise.

Student eligibility

In order to be eligible and participate in the college athletics, a student must meet all the three requirements that have been stated by the NCAA.  These requirements include graduating from high school, completing the courses of academics and having a grade point average that is eligible for qualification. If a freshman meets these three requirements he or she is eligible to join NCAA and be a part of its revolution.

Based on the above information, it can very well be concluded that the NCAA is a great association and it consist of passionate members. These members who head this association understand the importance and the need of sports in this world. Along with academics,  sports has been given ample importance in order to satisfy the needs and requirements of a particular college going student.


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