Interesting Design Tips for Your Child’s Room

We were all once children, and one thing that’s common among all kids is that their rooms are the first semblance of a comfort zone. A child’s room is a place where they get to truly express themselves without the fear of judgment from anybody. It is here that they get a sense of personal space and it is also here that they first learn to become autonomous (as is the case when a child no longer sleeps beside his parents).

So, what better way is there to show your affection to your child than to give them a room that evokes a sense of care, comfort, and security. So, without further ado, here are some tips on how you can do just that:

Keep things at your kid’s height

It’s a common mistake to keep closets, clothing racks, and side tables at heights that your child “will eventually grow to”. By doing so, you are restricting the use of these areas that can be used to keep your child’s room organized. By keeping these things within reach, you are also encouraging your child to keep the room tidy.

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Glow-in-the-dark paint

 Try painting stars, moons, and other pleasant sights on the ceiling and the walls. This not only makes for a breath-taking view once the lights are turned off, but it also helps your child overcome the fear of the dark. Most hobby stores sell an additive that makes paint glow in the dark. The best part here is that the shapes that you paint won’t contradict with the decorations you put up when there is a sufficient amount of light. So, it’s as if there’s a totally different set of decorations for whether or not the lights are switched on.

Wall Art

Children love colours. A plain bedroom may be appealing to an adult, but to a child, that’s an easy road towards boredom. Removable wall decals are a great way to decorate your kid’s bedroom without causing any permanent damage. The best part is that as your kid grows (along with his or her interests), you can easily remove and apply art that coincides with your kid’s new interests.

Light Sources

Your kid’s room must have several sources of light. Besides the main light, you have to include a reading light or a bedside lamp. This not only provides a sense of comfort to your child (in the fact that there’s an easily accessible light source), but it also ensures that your child can find his or her way to the bathroom in the middle of the night (less bedwetting). This also helps their bodies maintain a certain level of consciousness wherein they’re awake enough to move, but they aren’t too awake that they’d have difficulty in trying to get back to sleep (as is the case when the room’s main light switch is turned on).

Apart from keeping your kid’s room organized, designating a play area also helps your child grasp the concept of “compartmentalization” which basically helps them separate study time from play time and to focus on each depending on their current task.

The child’s room plays a more crucial role in development than you might think. These tips are meant, not only to help you give your child an aesthetically-pleasing room, but also a foundation upon which your child can learn vital life skills.


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