Celebrating Diwali , the Festival of Lights

Best celebration of the year

Heaps of sweets, splurging money on shopping, wearing best clothing’s and jewelry, meeting loads of friends and relatives, burning fireworks, enjoying every moment of the day….. Yes, it is Diwali time again! Diwali, India’s biggest festival, splurges oodles of fun, laughter, feasting, worshipping, enjoying fireworks and lot more. Although Diwali is a Hindu festival, its gaiety and fervor has crossed the religious boundaries and it is celebrated across the world, even by non-Hindus. Like people world over celebrating events like Christmas and New Year ’s Eve, they also make it a point to celebrate Diwali with much fanfare. Diwali for us is more than just a festival. It is something that is part of our lives, our emotions, our livelihood and the best part of memories. Diwali reflects love and faith in religion and God, and at the same time, it jazzes up moods and atmosphere. Go for shopping, wear best clothing and jewelry, exchange gifts, spend time with family, pray together, feast together, enjoy together eat good food … this is what Diwali celebrations means. Moreover, Diwali, by Hindu calendar, is the beginning of New Year and followers pray for a prosperous year ahead. In fact, Diwali celebrations are related to very important Hindu mythology; it signifies the triumph of good over evil! Yes! This is what Diwali symbolizes actually!


Create best fun mood on Diwali! 

Diwali or Deepawali literally means “rows of lights”. Diwali is one event that has the power to actually bring light and hope into dark lives of people who are surrounded by despair. “Diyas” or oil-lamps, candles and colorful strings of electric lights adorn all households on this night. This darkest night of the month (it is no moon day) becomes shiny and vibrant on the dancing flames of “Diyas” and candles. That is the most beautiful night and most enchanting scenery in the whole year. Observed on the no-moon day on the month of Kartik (October/November), followers spare nothing to celebrate Diwali. They splurge on sweets, dry fruits, Crunchies, food, partying, gifts, clothes, jewelry and lot more. And you girls and young ladies, adorn yourself with best traditional clothes and striking jewelry to look most beautiful on this day.

Shop, shop and shop; it’s Diwali!

In addition, this is the shopping time again! Store owners allure shoppers with never-before bargains and deals as they know people, especially women cannot hold themselves back when it comes to Diwali shopping. Make it a point to start shopping many days before actually Diwali comes. Markets are stuffed with a variety of items such as gifts and clothes, knickknacks like wall hangings, painting, vases, flowers, furnishings, crockery and other stuff to decorate.

Why is Diwali Important?

For many reasons, Diwali is the favorite of most people. Though there are myths, legends and tales are associated with Diwali, the one thing is common all are directed towards one eternal truth that is “victory of good over evil”. Ultimately, this festival of joyous and dancing lights gives you an opportunity to connect to your roots, your traditions, your people close to your heart and your homeland. It is an occasion to freshen up your old friendships and relations, which became dull due to your hectic schedules and to get together.

Best preserved legend of Diwali

According to this legend, Diwali commemorates the homecoming of Hindu lord Rama from an exile of fourteen years in the forests. Citizens in his city welcomed him by lighting diyas, candles and lanterns to drive away the prevailing darkness. Since that day, Hindus world over celebrate this day by lighting earthen lamps, candles, and firing crackers and fireworks. Moreover, it is time to please Goddess Lakshmi who is the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Staunch followers worship Goddess Lakshmi at midnight to please the Goddess. Along with Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha is another favorite deity that is worshipped on this special day to pray for wellbeing of family and loved ones.

Diwali celebrations are five days long. It starts from “Dhanteras” followed by “Narak Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali”. Then comes Diwali that is also fondly known as ‘Badi Diwali’, and this is the most important of all festive days. Next day is relaxed a bit from festivities though it is also a festival called “Goverdhan Puja”. Last day is the “Bhai Duj”.

Diwali Food

One of the biggest attractions of Diwali is food, sweets, savory snacks and many sumptuous dishes. To tempt Ganesha, god who loves good food, different kinds of sweets are prepared and savored on Diwali. You cannot imagine Diwali without food, sweets and parties! Diwali is the perfect event for foodies as well as gourmands to gorge up good food and relish it. During Diwali days, biggest profit earners are sweet shop owners, as people just want to eat each good food item. You can prepare some at your home also using the recipe given below.


 Ingredients :

  1. 1 cup sugar
  2. 1-1/2 cups wheat flour
  3. 4 tbsp yogurt or curd
  4. 10-15 whole peppercorns
  5. Milk
  6. Water

How to prepare

Mix all the dry ingredients and dahi to make a smooth batter. Add ½ milk and ½ water also to make its thickness like dosa batter consistency. Then, keep it whipping until it is smooth. Add to it 10 peppercorns and keep it aside to let it rise for two hours.


Heat oil on medium flame. Take large ladlefuls of this batter into the oil in the form of 6-8 inches circles. Fry them until golden. Drain and pat off oil from these malpuas, garnish with dry fruits and serve with cream.

This time tempt Goddess Lakshmi this Diwali with lots of love and pamper by serving her with your devotion. Have a great time with friends and family shopping, worshipping and partying together!

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