4 Things you do not know about knockout games

The group stages of the ICC cricket world cup 2015 have been completed and one can only anticipate fireworks in this knockout stage. There are a few things about these knockout games which you do not know and as cricket fans you must make sure you know about them. These things have been explained as follows:-


South Africa has never won a knockout game

Yes you have read that right. South Africa has never won a world cup because it has never won a knockout game. It has always got itself knocked out from the world cup in the quarterfinal stages of the world cup. It is quite shocking to relate with this fact as it is one of the best teams that is playing this world cup.They have been given a ‘chokers’ tag because of this record of losing every knock out game. This time around they would be thinking to turn their fortunes around and silence their critics in order to bring that world cup and remove that dirty tag.

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If a match is abandoned

If a match gets abandoned because of rain or other external factors, the team with the higher position in its group progresses to further in the tournament. Hence it will not be surprising to know that the teams in first and second position always wish that the game gets abandoned and they progress further easily.

There are just 3 knockout games in the world cup

Apart from the group match a particular team must only win three other games to win the world cup. All these three games are knock out games, the quarter finals, semi-finals and the final. It will be very difficult to predict the winner of these games because all the teams that play in the knock out matches will be in an extra ordinary run of form.As the world cup is being played in Australia and New Zealand, these two countries are the clear favourites and it will be a very difficult task to beat these teams.

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The pressure of a knock out game

One factor that many cricket fans fail to consider is the pressure of a knock out game. There is tremendous pressure on a player when he plays a knock out game because of which he under performs. Nerves play a crucial role in determining the performance of a particular player and it will be very interesting to see who comes up on top.  Players in world cup 2015 like Dhoni and Villiers can create a cool environment in the team which can affect the players very positively.

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Thus there are many facts about the knock out games which have a lot of worth when they are taken into consideration. The world cup comes every four years and every team wants to win it. Each and every game will be very crucial and all players will play to their strengths. The knockout games this world cup will be as interesting as ever.

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