Google Maps introduce Local Guide

local guide feature by Google Map

A new version of the Google Maps application which can be called the Version 9.4 has been launched. It has a very interesting characteristic and has the capability of attracting many Android users. The major update here is the “Local Guide” feature that helps the user to read reviews on the application.

This update is quite similar to the Elite and Yelp system of reviewers. If you have used these systems before, you will have no problem using this updated application. If a user posts a minimum of 50 reviews, he will be given a preference when the application shows the details related to a particular place.

Google has dominated the map sections for quite some time now, and this update has done nothing but increased its domination, in addition. The user can gain a lot of information on the matter he is interested in because of this update. With this update, Google can now compete with Elite and Yelp.

Since the company is rolling out this update Phase wise, it is not available on all devices right now. It will take some time to reach out to all Android users. You can either wait for it or download an APK file. This update is absolutely free if downloaded and Google is not taking any money from its users as usual.

Thus, it can be concluded that this update is another example of the excellent effort that Google puts in to satisfy its users. Try downloading it right now.

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