Top 10 jobs that can pay you a lofty amount in India

top 10 jobs in India

With rising population, job opportunities are decreasing every passing day in India. Companies have thousands of applicants for a single post, thus giving them an option to choose the best out of the lot. Now your chances of getting a hefty amount from your job depend on various factors such as career growth, educational background, experience and the attitude of being the tiger amidst the lambs. Among the several options available, here we are talking about the top 10 jobs in India.

Top 10 jobs that pay you a hefty amount in India

1. Chartered Accountants

A fresh CA can choose from a numerous array of opportunities lined up based on personal assets and aspirations. After clearing the CA exam, they become a certified member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). A new CA can earn somewhere between INR 5-7 Lakhs per Annum. The salary hikes as you gain experience in this field with payments as high as INR 18-24 Lakhs per Annum which can further increase if you hold a good MBA degree in finance.

2. Investment Bankers

Investment Bankers are also known as “Money Man” as their job description is to raise capital for the company and provide financial advice to increase the firm’s profit scale. The career path for an investment banker begins with being an Analyst reaching ultimately to Director and Managing director. Salary scale begins with INR 5-9 Lakhs per Annum for an Analyst up to a whopping INR 10-40 Lakhs per Annum for the Vice President.

3. IT and Software Engineers

At the initial stage of a software engineer’s career, a fresh college pass out can earn between INR 1.5 to 2.5 Lakhs per annum which reaches up to INR 8.0-19.0 Lakhs per Annum for a program manager. Additionally, software or IT professionals also get numerous international assignments which require travel to different countries.

4. Management Professionals

A degree in management can be obtained anywhere in India about the ample availability of management colleges, but students graduating from top colleges such as IIMs, IITs, XLRI, FMS, IIFT, and Symbiosis get better salaries and fast-track growth in career. Starting as a management trainee, after six months or a year of extensive training, a management professional can gain a significant leadership position in the company with an annual salary ranging from INR 20-24 Lakhs per Annum.

5. Business Analyst

If critical business matters interest you, then being an analyst is the job for you. You create appropriate solutions to tackle any firmly related problems that affect its business. One needs a graduation degree in Business administration with salaries ranging from INR 5-12 Lakhs per annum.

6. Technical writer

With a graduation in technical writing, you can write for technology-based websites and review gadgets and more. Technical writers provide in-depth technical information to help out people. The salary of a technical writer can range from INR 2-10 Lakhs Per Annum.

7. Psychiatrist

The unhealthy and stressful life led by most of the youth population in our generation requires the guidance and help of a psychiatrist. To be a professional licensed Psychiatrist, you need an MBBS and post graduation in Psychiatry. The annual salary of a psychiatrist can range from 1.2 Lakhs to 17 Lakhs.

8. SEO Analyst

With business becoming digital, SEO analysts have become a necessity for any firm trying to be on the top few pages of Google search engine. An SEO analyst derives and implements social media strategies to position your firm on top. An SEO analyst must have at least a graduation to pursue this career. The salary here ranges from INR 3-8 Lakhs per annum.

9. Medical professionals

Ranging among one of the top paid jobs in India, being a medical professional isn’t just a job. You save lives, and your actions have a lot of impact on lives everywhere. To be a medical professional, you need to have at least an MBBS. Typically, a medical professional gets paid around INR 2-12 Lakhs per annum, but it can be higher for ones with good repute.

10. Modeling and Acting

Bollywood or Tollywood industry can be a challenging field, but once you get past the struggle period, a newcomer gets paid somewhere between INR 2000-10,000 per episode for a TV series. Modeling assignments vary according to companies, but a well-established model can get paid about INR 25,000 to 50,000 per assignment. Successful actors in movie industries get paid in lakhs and crores depending on the role of their character.

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