Tips to prepare for bank exams

how to prepare for bank exams


The banking scenario is today quite a good option and the youth of the country are looking aggressively to join the banking sector. With hard times in this recession period, the youth are looking for job security rather than the high paying private sector jobs. This new trend has lead to a rush for government bank jobs.

However, with the financial crunch and the ever increasing inflation, the youth are taking up jobs and studying as well. There are many aspirants who study for the bank exams and also work simultaneously. However, it needs great planning as the exams are not easy and depends on how well you are prepared and practiced for the bank exam.

Aspirants have to know how to prepare in advanced so that they score well in the competitive exams. Let us learn how to prepare for the competitive exams even if you have a time constraint.

Bank jobs

In the government owned banks that are plenty of positions and vacancies every year and only the eligible candidates who fit in the eligibility criteria can appear for the competitive exams held by the IBPS. In all there are around 20 bank organizations that come under the IBPS and recruit candidates who pass the written test and interview.

Candidates can apply for clerk, probationary officer and specialist officer. After deciding which position they would like to pursue, candidate can begin preparing for the exam.

How to prepare

Having decided on the post, it is necessary that the candidate begin to prepare for the competitive exam. Remember, the PO and clerk exams are held twice a year and specialist office exam once a year.

1. The candidate has to begin preparations at least 3 months prior to the exam if he is a smart candidate, for those who need more practice should begin 6 months prior to the exam.

2. It is necessary that the candidate knows the entire syllabus for the post as there may be a little difference in the syllabus for various posts. Some of the common subjects are English, general awareness, numerical reasoning, reasoning, quantitative aptitude and computer knowledge.

3. You can apply for a private coaching class that will help you out with difficult sections and also give you practice test to check the time that you solve the paper.

4. Timing is very important, so you have to emphasize on the time and solve the paper within the given time frame.

5. Every section should be studied properly as the score in every section is important.

6. Solve the last year’s exam papers that you can get from coaching classed or online. You can also take online mock test that come up on various sites.

7. There are various books from well known publishers which will guide you on difficult sections. You can ask the book store manager to help you with well known authors.

8. Self study is very important even if you have joined coaching cases. You have to regularly study for two hours and as the exams approach, you have to concentrate only on solving the questions within the time frame. This way you will know where you stand and work on sections that you are poor in.

9. Prepare for interview as well. The interview will be based on banking sector and economy.

10 Reading newspaper daily and watching business news will help tremendously.

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