How To Start An Advertising Career



There are a plenty of career choices and options that you can choose today. As you become confused in the selection of the best option, you can emphasize over your skill and interest to select the most ideally suitable careers. Among the different types of career options that can provide you with plenty of rewarding opportunities, advertising is one of them. It is regarded as one of the most creative careers in today’s date because it offers a creative stimulation along with a great career graph. There are many people in the recent years that are diverted to selecting this career. Well, it is a well known fact that advertising is a major part ofbusiness. Without advertising, no business will be able to promote its products and services, and increase the visibility of their brands.

Know about Advertising and the Industry:

Advertising is a big business that provides the source of bread and butter for many people. It has been there for a long time, but in the recent years, this industry has received a boost. In fact, the entire industry has swept by a wave of change with the introduction of many new ideas and challenges. The advertising business is no longer the same as it happened to be a few years back. New strategies and elements are deployed in order to make the world of advertising reach the heights of success. In fact, the industry of advertising is constantly going through change and change will remain constant. Today, the biggest advertisers spend billions of dollars every year to be successful in marketing their products and services. These business owners take the help of ad agencies that work as a marketing consultant for them. This helps the business to enhance the awareness of their brands. In fact, it is through the procedure of advertisement that large numbers of brands are well known all over the world. The advertising agencies help the business owners in developing strategies and concepts along with execution. The business owners can take higher level decisions by determining which new products to develop or how to define the brand to the entire world. The strategy is turned into specific ideas for advertisements.

Unlike any other types of business employees, the employees recruited for advertising or creative. If you have the right temperament along with a creative mind, the career of advertising is definitely the ideal option for you. You might have to work hard on a deadline, but at the end of the day, you will be provided with rewards. There are large numbers of advertising agencies that employ the professionals with advertising careers. You will have to determine whether this career is suitable for you. On the basis of that you can make your move. There are lots of people that think of advertising as a completely different side of the business world. You get paid to come up with some of the most innovative ideas. However, there are some more things related to this world, and it is important to have a broader view of this industry.

As there are lots of opportunities in this lucrative career, there are large numbers of individuals that are inclined to this career. Advertising agencies work on behalf of their clients and produce messages that can increase the attention of the public for enhancing sales in the client’s business. You must always be flooded with creative ideas so that you can help the business grow. However, this is not an easy career. You will have to take your education seriously and earn the right degrees. This will help you to enter into this field and give a head start to your career. With a good education andgood portfolio, you will have to impress the advertising agency that will hire you for the advertising ideas.

Therefore, it is time that you learn about the different ways through which you can start a great advertising career.

Follow These Steps:

  1. Develop A Passion For This Field– In order to start with this career, you will have to give adequate importance to your passion. Yes, you should have a dying passion for marketing and advertising. Otherwise, you will not be able to acquire success in this field. You should feel that you have the ability to market a product and attract the attention of people to buy the product. Do not forget that the field of advertising is highly competitive. You will have competitors every time to defeat you and move ahead. Therefore, it is through your passion, skills and creativity that you will be able to move ahead in the competition and move ahead. Moreover, you should also have the drive in you to acquire success.
  2. Develop Your Skills– Now that you know that you will require various skills to develop an advertising career; you should start acquiring these skills right from the beginning. As you are passionate about this career, it is time to understand yourself as a team player. No advertising campaign can be developed by the efforts of a single person. In order to make a successful campaign, you will have to coordinate with a team. If you are able to develop a strong working relationship, it will certainly help you acquire success. In addition to that, you should also have the power of tenacity. This is because working inadvertisement agency is not just only about long lunches and larger expenses. You should be able to communicate your ideas well, and make sure that it is vital. You should be extremely organized, and every time you will have to hit the ground running showing a healthy amount of initiative. If you have the gift of persuasion, it can definitely create exciting avenues for your growth and prosperity. You can make use of this skill in order to promote campaigns and ideas for a company, and they will surely appreciate this skill. You should know the basics of advertising, and learn to think on your feet.

Apart from that, you should be well aware of the preferences of audiences. This will enable you to focus your creativity towards the interests and preferences of your audience. Your work will be able to create a maximum impact on your target audience. In fact, the concept of the target audience and working for a selected audience are highly important in the field of advertising. Moreover, in order to get your career into the right track, you should be personal, professional and know how to show off your talent. This will make the employers understand your abilities due to which they will want to hire you for working in their organizations. Once you have understood the basics, and you take care of these skills, you can creatively satisfy yourself in every possible way. You will never have to look back again.

  1. Understanding The Suitability– Before selecting this career, it is important to understand whether this career is suitable for you. Only creative skill will not be sufficient to make you realize whether this is the ideal career option for you. You need to carry adequate research, and need to have some exposure into the practical advertising world. This will help you determine whether this career is a suitable option. However, prior to that, it is important to realize that there are many different types of career options available in advertising. You can become a writer, a graphic designer, an accounts manager and many more. You can work in different ad agencies or corporations of different industries. You can find jobs both at the entry and executive levels. In addition to that, if you want, you can even start your own advertising firm. However, this can be possible only after you had exposure into this world for quite some time. It will enable you to work as an entrepreneur. You can read several books related to the careers in advertising. If you want, you can even check out the titles on the careers of freelance copywriters or designers. This will help you in the future if you are interested in starting your own business. You can call people who are associated with the profession of advertising. If possible, you can spend a day with them to understand the nature of their works. You can even ask them different questions as you find opportunities. You should listen to the calls of sales representatives calling their customers. This will help you if you are particularly interested in the marketing field. It will be best to observe as many advertising professionals as possible so that decision making is comparatively easy for you.

There are various courses available for advertising. However, before you enroll in these courses, you can check out the career prospects along with the salary scopes. One of the best things that you can do is to search the website of the Bureau of Labor statistics.  It will help you make a complete search for the different career and job descriptions associated with the advertising industry. Moreover, you can even get ideas about the various levels of qualifications required for different job titles. You need to see whether you have the required education or whether you can pursue your educational degree. You should also see your job skills and compare it with the listed jobs. These are some of the best things that will enable you to understand whether a career in advertising is suitable for you. You can make your move accordingly.

  1. Decide On The Jobs That You Want To Acquire In This Field– As you know that there is no single job in an advertising agency. In fact, there are innumerable jobs that you can find. If you decide in advance, it will be easy for you to make your career decisions accordingly. In any case, the main task of the advertising agency is always to attract clients, and plan out a creative advertising program for them. Thus, they should be able to come up with creative ideas. Here is a list of some of the most common departments within the field of advertising where you can acquire a job.
  • If you want, you can join the creative department. This department is primarily responsible for coming up with innovative ideas for different ad programs. If you work in this department, you will have to understand the requirements of your clients so that you can illustrate your ideas. This will help you to produce effective advertisements. In such a context, you will be responsible for working as art directors so that you can draw mock-ups for those ideas that you have provided. Apart from that, you can also work as a copywriter in the creative department. Here, you will again make use of the power of your creativity to come with various creative pitches and convert your ideas into words. On the other hand, you have the option to work as a creative director to pull the works of the art director and copywriter into a particular frame desirable for the client. This is one of the most common parts of the advertising markets.
  • You can even find jobs in the planning department of the advertising industry. This department is again responsible for developing several creative programs that they supply to the creative department. By working in this department, you will get the option to understand and make use of the information that has been provided by the client. You will have to carry out extensive research in order to know the different aspects of the requirements of your clients. On the basis of that, you can develop the ideas to form the advertising campaign. This department requires creative skills, proper planning along with business and analytical skills, as a whole.
  • In the advertising career, you can even find jobs in the accounts department. The main task of this department is to look for clients and communicate with them to get the project. As they communicate with the clients, they tell the clients about the possibility of the advertisement. In addition to that, they also work as a mediator between the clients and various other departments in this field. It is their task to ensure that the clients are always happy and satisfied so that they can derive work from them in the future. They are responsible for committing to the clients and bring in new clients for future projects. Therefore, this department requires communication and marketing skills to keep the agency running.
  1. Order A Copy Of The Advertising Annual– It is really important for you to get an idea about the best kinds of advertisements. If you order a manual of the best advertising of the year, you will understand what is considered to be the best advertising. You can start thinking accordingly. Consequently, it will be easy for you to enter into the advertising industry by impressing the professionals in this field. Moreover, if you want to be creative, you can even order a copy of CMYK. This is a quarterly book comprising of the best ads from the students. There are different featured ads that you will find in this book. This will give you an idea of the different schools that the students are attending in order to enter into the best agencies.
  2. Time to acquire your educational degree– Now that you are aware of the different things that you will require for starting this career, it is time to start your education. After all, this is the most important thing that will help you earn a degree, and enter into the world of advertising practically. Once you have passed your high school diploma, there are several kinds of degrees that you can obtain. However, the primary degree that you will require is a bachelor degree. There are again several disciplines in which you can get the bachelor degree. If you are interested in joining the accounting department of the industry, you can go for a marketing degree. On the other hand, if you want to be a part of the creative team, you can join an art school for developing your drawing and writing skills. You can even get an arts degree that can prepare you for this advertising career.

While acquiring your degree, you can go for some marketing and advertising courses. These things can be highly beneficial for you in the future. If you want, you can even go for certification. Certification will definitely stand as a sign of competence, and it will help you to achieve a lot in this field. In fact, it is through certification that you can get a good door of opportunity in this high field of competition. However, this does not certainly indicate that you will reach at the top floors with a six figure income. Your performance will of course be considered in this context. However, if you are serious about your career in this industry, you can definitely move up the steps on the ladder with your education. This will surely help you reach the top levels in one day.

  1. The other types of degrees– Apart from the bachelor degree, there are several other degree options that can help you develop a career in this field. These are as follows:
  • Associate Degree– This degree will provide an introduction to the creative and the business side of advertising. You will get classes in copywriting, and account supervisions. This degree will mainly prepare you for advanced studies. In addition to that, you can even find entry level jobs in the industry by working as copywriters, account managers or assistant art directors.
  • Master’s Degree- If you want to expand your knowledge on advertising, you can advance your career through a master’s degree. At this level, you will come across several professional programs that can help in developing the fundamentals of advertising, management techniques and digital media skills. However, before applying for the master degree, you should acquire few years of experience in the advertising world. You can even continue your job while acquiring an online master degree.
  • Doctoral- If you want to pursue a career in academia or continue your research on advertising, doctoral advertising degrees are great options for you. You can pursue in different areas like communications, marketing, business etc. Along with taking classes, you can assist professors in different kinds of research and help in dissertation. On acquiring the degree, you can continue with education working as a professor in various universities and conducting research.  
  1. Finding out good schools– There are large numbers of schools today that offers various courses in advertising. Apart from traditional schools, you can even look for online schools. However, make sure that the school or the institution offering the degree is accredited. This will make the degree valuable and recognized in the future. Moreover, the degree programs and courses offered at different schools can vary. Make sure that you gather the necessary information before enrolling for any institution. Some of the schools that offer programs in advertising are:
  • University of Texas,
  • Art university of Atlanta,
  • University of Colorado,
  • Bradley University,
  • Boston University,
  • Drury University,
  • Ferris State University,
  • Miami National University of Art and Design and many more to name.

These schools can offer theoretical classes along with some practical courses. At the end of the course, some of these schools even help in making a perfect portfolio, making it easy to apply for a job by impressing the employers.

  1. Learn Different Things About the Programs– As you know that there are various advertising degrees available, it is important to understand that the degrees might vary in names, but they will provide relevant education. There can be programs in business, communications and even marketing along with advertising. You will have to choose what you want. If you are interested more towards the creative side, you can take courses in copywriting, illustrating, fundamentals of media, advertising design, consumer behavior, production methods, advertising theory and art history. On the other hand, if you are drawn towards the sales management side, you can go for business law, accounting, economics or marketing classes. Irrespective of the type of program you choose, one of the most important things that you should always remember is that a career in advertising will involve consumer and marketing research along with hands on activities in planning and implementing campaigns. Make sure that you research well so that you can choose the most suitable option, as per your requirements.
  2. Applying For Internships-While you are in an advertising school or while you are looking forward to going to a portfolio school, you should apply for an internship. This is an important part of your advertising career. As you apply for it, you will get the opportunity to work with an advertising firm. This is important because you will get a practical experience of the industry along with the nature of work. In addition to that, you will even get to know lots of people and develop contacts within the industry. This will surely help you in the future while you are looking for a job. There are several ad agencies that offer internship programs for trainees. You might get a meager payment, but the practical experience that you acquire will help you a lot. In some cases, your college might be able to set an internship program for you at a local agency. On the other hand, in some cases you might have to find the agency on your own.

You should acquire this information while you get enrolled into a school. If you have to arrange on your own, you should start for different ad agencies online. As you reach the websites of the ad agencies, you will find information about the clients, the philosophy of the firm, and the internship openings that they have in their firms. Consequently, you will gain exposure in different aspects of the job. If you spend several months working with this firm, you will understand that working with a particular area is most appealing to you. You can look for jobs in the future on the basis of that. During the course of an internship, you should grab the opportunity to work on different projects. This is not the time to waste, but to learn. More the projects you handle better will be your exposure. It will give you a feel of what the advertisement feel comprises of along with the frustrations. Once you complete your intern, you can look forward to finding a full time job in the same company.

  1. Finding different portfolio schools– You will now have to find different portfolio schools that will help in creating a perfect portfolio for you. They do not offer generic degrees like universities, but they primarily focus on advertising and portfolios. This might not be mandatory, but information from these schools will surely strengthen your approach towards finding a better job. These schools comprise of some of the most successful advertising professionals. The main aim of these schools is to teach you to deal with the practical world of advertising. In addition to that, you will leave with a professionally designed ad portfolio that will boost your career to great heights. There are large numbers of portfolio schools that you can find in this context.  Make sure that you choose the schools that are highly renowned in the world of advertising. They are known for producing some of the most successful graduates in advertising. As you enter into these schools, you will get an idea of the different ways of creating your portfolio.

The portfolio that you will create should be completely unique, and speak on your behalf. It should be able to reflect the unique spin of your life along with the surroundings. You might want to put up some photos that you have clicked of original items. These photos should be combined with your writing abilities. You will be offered appropriate training that will be highly professional. This will enable you to create ads. Make sure that you create and submit the best ads to be published in CMYK. This can mark your success, and can ease your entry into the industry of advertising.  In fact, your portfolios can your starting point to the industry, and this can determine your success level. Make sure that you are able to leave your employer speechless and stunned. If you can focus on things that have been commonly overlooked, nothing can be better than that. They will appreciate your ability in every sense of the term.

  1. Focusing on international advertising work– You can look for an ad volunteer or an internship with a firm that provides an international scope. A large multinational advertising agency, NGO Chamber of Commerce or the communication department of an international company can provide you with an international scope. As a result, you can make a great start. There are many advertising agencies that do not require extensive previous experience. However, they will definitely emphasize on the level of required skill and creativity you have. Many of the international firms and agencies hire fresh graduates. Therefore, it will be wise if you can keep a track of these agencies and find out your opportunity.  There are marketing research firms and business firms that directly hire candidates with this career. If they find you to be the most motivated, well organized and energetic with top notch analytical and communication skills, they will hire you. In fact, this is not only applicable in case of international agencies, but also national and local agencies. Once you get associated with any international network, you can be assured that you will not have to look back. Success will kiss your feet, and ideas will automatically come to you. You will have a great reputation in the world of advertising with a highly promising salary. This will help you maintain a great quality and satisfactory life.
  2. Knowing The Employment Opportunities– While you are in your school, you should start getting adequate information about the prospects and opportunities in your career. If your research thoroughly, you will find that the employment opportunities in this field are vast. Moreover, the employment rate is expected to grow in the future with more advertising agencies coming into the market for playing a major role. Moreover, the increasing competition among the corporate to sell products is also creating opportunities for people with an advertising career. However, you should never forget that despite the growth in jobs, advertising is a highly competitive industry. The firms always look out for the best candidates. Thus, you should always acquire your degree from an accredited institution. This in turn can prove your strong credentials, and make it easy for you to acquire some of the best jobs in the industry. Along with the field of advertising, the media also create several job opportunities for the individuals with an advertising career. Therefore, you can even look for job options in these fields based on your requirements and desires.
  3. Start looking for jobs– As you are on the verge of completing your degree followed by the internship program, you should start looking for suitable jobs. You can look for entry level jobs offered by various ad agencies. You can talk to people who are already associated with this industry. A little networking will surely help you to find people who are into this industry so that you can gain some important knowledge and information from them. If you want, you can ask about their career choices along with the various skills they need in order to acquire success in the industry. This can create a path for you to start looking for jobs. While applying for entry level jobs, you will have to send your portfolio along with your resume and cover letter. You will have to start your career from the bottom, and your effort, dedication and hard work that can help you reach the peaks of success. The organizations will look forward to hiring people from all walks of life so that they are able to promote every kind of product and service.

Advertising is definitely an excellent career choice, especially if you have the ability to influence and convince people. You will be provided by hosts of opportunities, and you will even be paid for recommending people about a particular product or service with the help of stunning images and catch phrases. If you can do this naturally, you will never experience any difficulty in finding some of the most desirable jobs in the industry. There are jobs available at various locations. However, New York still happens to be the advertising capital. This is followed by the competitive markets from Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Detroit. There are some agencies that have offices throughout the world. It is always a better idea to target larger agencies with global networks. This will increase the likelihood of going overseas.

  1. Convincing the agencies– In order to get a job, you will have to know about the various things that an agency looks for in a candidate. The recruiter will obviously look for candidates with a degree, which can be from a broad base related to advertising. In addition to that, it is important to have good communication and IT skills. Strong interpersonal relationship skills are the major focus of this industry, and therefore, you should have this skill. Apart from that, ad agencies also look for candidates who are self-confident and capable of creative ideas. You should even have the ability of self-questioning, and passion for advertising with the ability to convey your passion. These are the attributes that are coupled with integrity, dedication, and energy to look for a candidate. You have invested your time and money in getting higher education and develop valuable skills. It is time for you to market these skills properly so that you are hired by some of the best organizations in the industry. Potential employers will want to see results when they hire you. They will want to know whether you can make a mark in their organization by creating the most successful advertisement. Therefore, while you are looking for a job make sure that you are well prepared for the interview. You should be able to impress your recruiter right at the first shot. Apart from that, you should also be aware of the laws that can and cannot be applied for marketing a particular product or service. Well, do not worry. You can acquire all the knowledge and information while you are pursuing your education.
  2. Different salary scales– Before choosing the career of advertising, you might want to know about the salaries that you can get into this career. Well, the most important thing that you will have to remember is that the salary scales can vary from one job title to another. In addition to that, there are several other factors that can create a variation in your salary. The educational degree you have, the school from where you have acquired the degree, the nature of the job, the type of employer, the location of it is important factors that can create a variation in the salary you earn. If you work as an advertising and promotions manager, you can expect to get an annual wage of $98, working as marketing managers, you can get more than $100, 000. However, it is important to remember that these are not entry level salaries. Your salary can grow in the course of time along with years of experience. You can get a weekly or monthly salary based on the organization. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the weekly salary of an advertising professional can be about $900. In addition to that, there are many professionals that receive extra benefits based on the firm they work. These benefits can range from bonus, leaves, medical compensation, health insurance, stock ownership and even profit sharing. There are hardly any unions of the advertising employees. Thus, you will get some of the most lucrative opportunities when you have selected this career. Therefore, there is nothing to give a second thought about it
  3. Variation in the same career– As you know by now that there can be variation in the same advertising career, it is important to know in details about the different variations. This will be easy for you to decide the field that you want to choose. If you havesense of designing and art, you can become a graphic designer. If you have a flair for writing, you can become a copywriter. On the other hand, if you are passionate about sales and marketing, you can go to the accounting section.

Sales– The position in advertising sales enables you to sell advertisement in large platforms of the media. You will be responsible for making sales presentation to show it to the clients. You will even have to send advertising instructions to the creative team so that they can build the ideas into a solid advertising campaign. You will also be responsible for coordinating various projects. You should be able to multitask and communicate strongly. If you have these skills, an advertising sales position is awaiting you.

Research-There are several prospective careers in advertising research. The main task will be to focus on the data of advertising data. You will research and study the market demographics and several other advertising statistics. In the course of your research, you might develop research tools that can analyze the effectiveness of different ad campaigns. You can even assist the research executive by gathering different types of advertisement data. In this context, you might have to conduct surveys and focus on various groups. This will help you to test the credibility of a campaign. The success of an advertisement is often rated on the basis of the research information. Thus, if you have analytical skills and like to work with numbers, you can work in the position of market research.

Media Planning– This career in advertising again focuses on market research and buying media. You can work as a media planner to plan different types of ads. These plans can be made on the basis of research of the market and other editorial contents available. You will have to work with the accounting team for purchasing the right media for advertisement campaigns. Media planners might also be often responsible for negotiating the price with the media based on the size and the frequency of the advertisement. Thus, if you enjoy analyzing the audiences along with media researches, you can work in this position.

  1. Get adequate preparation for the interview– As you have been selected and called for the interview, you should be thoroughly prepared in advance. Make sure that you conduct adequate research about the company that has called you for the interview. You should know about the nature of the services they deliver along with their major clients. Apart from that, you should also know about the role for which they are planning to hire you. If you possess complete ideas about these aspects, it will create an impression to the interviewer that you are interested in working with the company.  Your appearance to an interviewer is also quite important, and this is a crucial part of advancing your advertising career. Make sure that you arrive on time for the interview. While walking for the interview, you should keep your head high. Be prepared to answer to all the questions with complete confidence. The dress that you wear is also quite important because it has the capacity to impress an interviewer.

You should dress professionally for attending any interviews because the first impression is the most important impression. If your dress is wrinkled and dirty, you will impart an unprofessional and unorganized image about yourself. This can create a negative impact. You should keep your hair properly combed. You should smile to show off your great personality. Your interviewer might also test you creatively, and therefore ask you do some advertising tasks. You should be completely confident in delivering your skills so that you are able to impress the interviewer with your work. This can give you the opportunity for an entry into the advertising world. You should give an impression to your employer that you can create a positive image to a client at meetings and various other occasions. You might have to sit for several interviews before you finally get one. However, you should take this matter positively as it gives the opportunity to develop an idea about the interviews.

  1. Other common things– As you get ready to work within the field of advertising you will get an opportunity to embark on a great career. There are many variations in the industry that will cater to an ultimate job satisfaction. You obtain some of the most transferable skills in marketing and communication. You will have to network with agencies, clients, media owners, suppliers and even consultants. These things together will provide you with a plethora of opportunities for the future. If you are able to shine, quick promotion is guaranteed.  You will work in a closely knit community. You should be able to oscillate in your thinking while you are approaching a problem. This is one of the most important elements found in the advertising majors. Before applying for a job, you can test your skill and ability by sitting for various mock tests. This can also help agencies find a new talent in you. There are various websites that will give you complete ideas and information about the current vacancies along with the requirements in each firm. You can even find examples of award winning ad materials that can help you get the necessary inspiration. There is no denying the fact that networking is the crucial and the most vital element that you will require for this career and for this industry. It is one of the best ways of getting in touch with renowned advertising professionals. If you want, you can even join a local network or association. If you are still in college, it will be wise on your part to look for like minded professionals who are looking forward to getting into the world of advertising. If you can share works or compare approaches, it can turn out to be a useful tool for you in making your move. Moreover, you would not even feel that you are handling things on your own to enter into this world.
  2. Starting from the very bottom– It is important to understand that the only way through which you can start a career in advertising is from the roots. Success cannot be acquired in a day. Your bottom positions can be various ranging from copywriter, graphic designer or even website designer. You can find opportunities in journals and magazines. In addition to that, there can be openings in both private and public sector units. The advertising sections of newspapers, the market research organizations, as well as the commercial sector of television or radio can offer you hosts of opportunities. As there are hosts of options and opportunities that you will find in this career, you will never have a dearth of jobs. Do not forget that a majority of the growth in this industry is based on performance, and therefore, you will have to give your best every time. As you acquire more than 7-8 years of experience, you can reach the position of an art director, marketing manager or creative head in the industry. You should have the necessary qualifications in the desired field so that you can make your move on the basis of that. There are many people who are interested in designing and development of ad campaigns. There are various certificate courses available. These courses will help you to learn the art of animations, 3D designing in different applications for advertisements. Copywriting skills can be acquired with a degree in English or mass communication.
  3. Showing your talent– Your degree is the primary requirement to get a job. However, once you are successful in finding a job, it is your work that will speak on your behalf. Therefore, you should always give the best in your work. Your unique and creative ideas should be sufficient enough to impress a client and get more projects. You will have to work with the entire team, and therefore maintaining good relation with your team is highly essential. Agencies will ask candidates to demonstrate their knowledge on creative arts, designing or marketing. There are some firms that will hire only those candidates that have acquired training from their agencies during the college. You might often have to work overtime and under stressful deadlines. You should be prepared for all these situations so that you do not have any difficulty later.

There are of course lots of challenges involved in this profession. If you love to handle challenges, you should give a kick start now. At the end of the challenge awaits wonderful and handsome rewards for you. Once you have acquired a few years of experience, you can advance your career with continuing education. You can leave your job and get an advanced education. On the other hand, you can continue your job while enrolling in an institution online. It will enable you to opt to continue both your job and studies simultaneously.  You can even apply for promotions after acquiring few years of experience. Getting an advanced education will increase the chance of getting promotions. You can get promoted to the designation of art director or creative director. These positions might be open in your current company, or you might even look out for vacancies for other companies.

  1. Getting an idea of the work environment– By now, you must have definitely acquired some ideas about the work environment of the advertising industry. Well, there are no fixed working hours. Sometimes, you might have to work for only half a day while in some cases you might have to work overnight. In most situations, you will have to develop the habit of working with tight schedules in order to meet a particular deadline. However, the typical environment involves heavy collaboration in the office. Most of the office space will be unorganized, and you should not lose your patience in such a setting. If you do not want to start with full time work, you can look for part-time working options. However, the work that you have to do can be exhilarating and fast-paced. You should be well prepared to handle stress because constant pressure might create stress in your work life. You should not be disappointed because this is a part and parcel of the advertising industry. As an advertising professional, you will have to work on tight schedules most of the time. Moreover, you might have to frequently interact with the client. For this, you might often have to travel from one place to another. Finalizing a particular deal with the client might also be your responsibility. You should be able to interact properly with the client.

There are no set guidelines for a career in the field of advertisement. As you come across the article, you will get an idea that you can start your career with different options and from different fields. However, once you have determined that you will move ahead in this career, you can definitely pursue a degree to start your preparation. This is one of the primary requirements not only for an advertising career, but also for any other careers. You should try to acquire coursework that is related to the field along with getting real world experience through the internship programs.

Here are a few important tips that you should remember while making every move towards this advertising career.

  • If you do not find a job immediately, you should not be discouraged. On the contrary, you should consider it as a good point to know about the different types of interviews. Consequently, it can help you to get prepared in a better way.
  • The field of advertising is very competitive. Therefore, losing patience will not help you in any way. You should be quite persistent, and continue applying for different jobs in the industry. This will surely help you come across a suitable option. If you are unable to find a job in your local town, you can check out for job prospects in other areas where the scopes of employment are high. This will surely help you to find the most suitable job in the industry.
  • There are many large companies that have marketing departments within the companies. These departments often act as in-house advertising agencies. Therefore, you can look for such companies where there are opportunities for you. Initially, your pay might be lower, but you can certainly look for others in the course of time.
  • If you do not want to work over the weekends or during the nights, you should not choose this career. This is because you might have to work to strict deadlines, and often you might have to work during odd hours. Thus, you should be prepared about the situations in advance. If you really want to be successful in your advertising career, you should never forget the importance of working hard and playing hard. Your work will surely be recognized by the organization, and this can speed up your promotion process.
  • While you are applying for a full time advertisement job, you should have a preview of the job. You can spend a day with someone in the company where you apply for a job. This can enable you to determine whether you would be suitable for the offered designation in the company.

Therefore, you can be quite assured that this career is highly lucrative, and you will love your role. Moreover, as there are hosts of other options available within this career, you can choose anything, as per your interest. If you do have what it takes to establish a successful advertising career and marketing, you will find many challenges and rewards on your way. This can definitely prove to be better than many other career options that others are choosing. As the opportunities in this field are rapidly on a rise, you will have lots of things to do when you decide to choose this career. However, gathering enough information about each and every aspect of this career is a must. You should not feel that you have made a wrong decision in the middle of your career. Therefore, take your decisions wisely and carefully. If the need arises, you should even talk to the people who are successfully established in the industry. The advertising career can be suitable not only for working in the advertising agencies, but also in various media houses like television channels, publication houses and  online agencies of the media.


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