Evolution of technology in education sector

Technology, these days, has become an inseparable part of our lives. Each and every aspect of our lives is inter-related with technology. Beginning from, once we get up till the time we sleep we are surrounded by many kinds of different technologies. Technology has evolved a lot in recent times. From landlines phones to cell phones, computers to notebooks, televisions to LEDs, ambassador cars to Ferrari, blackboards to computers – everything has changed so rapidly in recent times. We, humans now cannot even breathe without using technologies. Technology is touching every part of our life, home and society.

As technology has progressed in every sector, education sector is not behind in using modern technologies. Education sector slowly and steadily is moving ahead in integrating technology in schools and colleges. They have started exploring and have found out the potential of technology in learning and teaching sector. As the world is becoming complicated day by day, it is getting difficult to survive in this world without having higher technological knowledge.

Significance of technology in classroom

Technology in classrooms just doesn’t mean teaching computers and latest software programs to the students in computer classes. It means a lot more than that. Technology needs to be introduced in the base system. It means technology should be in the curriculum of the students which they use daily. It generally should support four key factors in learning – group participation, active engagement of the child, feedback and interaction of the student and lastly connectivity with the experts of real world. The technology will be more effective if it is used in daily routine and if it aims at achieving curriculum goals.

Boom in educational sector with technology

It is believed that technology oriented projects help students to evolve rationally and logically. With the help of technology students can learn as well as know the situations of real life world. With these technological projects and field works students can refine their knowledge and also they can have a larger perspective of the outside world. They can search for solutions online and then together they can even analyze the problems and the solutions. Students can use the internet to find out more facts about the topics. They can even have a deep study about their topics on the internet. Through web students can learn their curriculum and understand the topics more easily through text, images and sounds. Science students can also read about the experiments and its results on the net. The invasion of technology in the classrooms will also make students more attentive and will help students to have the feeling to learn more and know more through use of computers in classrooms.

Not only students will change their outlook towards studying but teachers will also change their style of teaching. Teacher would be able to cater to many students at one time. She would be able to give individual attention as well. This would enhance the teacher-student relationship. Technology would make teaching more enjoyable and more meaningful. Thus, introduction of technology into the education sector is a great idea through which not only students but teachers are also benefited.

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