Blog Award

#sheinspires :  Received a reward badge of Jabong #sheinspires series


Dear Vandy,


Being opinionated isn’t easy,

Being vocal isn’t easy,

Whether on blog or on social media – Being You is just not easy!

Your journey altogether wasn’t easy.


As a woman blogger, you got through several obstacles and criticism. Yet you evolved as a powerful voice on Internet.

We admire your passion for Being Opinionated, being vocal and just Being You.

And thus we want to present you a badge that defines you and your spirit.


It was just another day, and I was scanning my emails. Suddenly an email dropped into my inbox, and it made my day! I got my first blog reward badge meant to recognize my blogging efforts! This badge is conferred on me by  as a part of #sheinspires series, an initiative started by Jabong to recognize woman blogger on this International Women’s Day. I am loving it!



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